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  1. stevenhagberg

    Wanted: Catalina 30 MK III

    I just bought a 2001 Catalina 30 MK III. Sail# 6444 I have been looking for one on this coast for years. While sailing my 1977 C-30 Hold Fast #0796, I followed this new one into it's slip in Marina Del Rey. I docked my boat, ran over to the other boat's slip and offered to buy the boat if they...
  2. stevenhagberg

    Have Catalina 36 mkII circumnavigated the world?

    One person's experience is found in a book by Peter Jenvay, "Life And The Sudden Death of Salt Peter". It recounts his off shore adventures in his Catalina 36. It was interesting reading.
  3. stevenhagberg

    Drilling the Boom

    Your topping lift can come under quite a load if you don't ease it after hoisting the sail. In that case, it is resisting the main sheet blocks. One can even bend a boom that way.....with help from a winch.
  4. stevenhagberg

    B.C. Rendezvous 2015

    There will also be a West Coast Catalina Rendezvous at Catalina Island this July. It will be on the weekend AFTER July 4th weekend. Watch the Catalina Yachts webpage calender for registration. Sail your Catalina to Catalina!