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    Anchoring near submarine pipelines?

    Recent news reports indicate that the oil spill off the coast of LA is the result of an anchor dragging and breaking a submerged pipeline. My question: Would there have been a No Anchor designation for the area along the pipeline? I don't have charts for the Long Beach port area, but the Marine...
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    Re: MD DNR

    Not to start another flame fest, but I've found it makes a big difference to show up at the MD DNR offices instead of dealing with them by phone or mail. Pretty much all of my experiences, they've been extremely "accommodating". Saved me $$ on more than couple occasions.
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    *THIS* is how you sell a boat….
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    Intellicast Marine Weather maps

    I usually just use intellicast for general weather reports (e.g. "Will I need a rain coat?"). I'm sure there are better sites, but I've been using it for decades and am familiar with it. This morning they had a "banner ad" announcing their new Marine weather map...
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    Twins Recreation in Pulaski NY?

    Anyone have experience with them, good or bad? I purchased something from their website a few days ago, and didn't receive an email confirmation. I logged back in, and they do have my order, but no info on if or when it has/will ship. So I tried calling their number, but it rings forever...
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    MD boat registration advice

    I'm hoping someone here who might have had a similar experience, or who could offer some advice. I've somehow managed to be the "lucky" recipient of two free inflatable dinghies (an Avon Redstart and a Zodiac Cadet 260). Both were given to me by people who received them after a friend of...
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    Colregs Rule 36 - Embarrassing?

    I'm in the process of re-wiring my mast, and thought it'd be a good idea to review the ColRegs on lighting requirements, when I came across this: Rule 36 - Signals to Attraction Attention If necessary to attract the attention...