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    Old Movies

    Had to reformat my drive,(of course,before I had a chance to backup my data). I lost all my Macgregor videos. I have the CD for the "M", but the videos of the 26X and the older models have gone the way of the "Dodo". Can anyone help me find and download these old Classics? Bill
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    26X video

    I've been following the thread about the Macgregor 26 Videos. I need a link to the 26X video. My copy of the VHS tape was eaten by my ancient VHS player. I know it's not Kosher to copy something the company is selling but, They have moved onto the 26M on DVD. Is there a way to get this video to...
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    Cange the Mast?

    The mast system on the 26M seems like the way to go. But I really like the layout of the 26X better. Can the X be fitted with the 26M's mast system and would this make the boat unstable and the cost Prohibitive?
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    I lost it!

    Many moons ago I downloaded the Mac 26D or was it the Mac 26S video. I had to reformat my hard drive recently and it was one of many things I forgot to backup. I've been searching the net but can't seem to find the file anymore. Can anybody help me with the site or location to redownload this file.