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    Compression post on a Pearson35

    I did not understand , Yes you need a new post. Just be sure the deck above is solid . you may have to do resin injection to firm up the area. than do new non skid paint to cover. I have do to injection on my Morgan around a leakey deck track. the deck squeaks still. i did all new bolts...
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    Compression post on a Pearson35

    First remove the mast . Assess how much corrosion is at the spar bottom ! cut the bad part off.Yes CUT IT OFF THE MAST ! now get hard wood blocks Ipe is good , Brazil mahogany Make a block the size al little shorter than what you cut off. Now glass that to the bilge where the mast used to...
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    WP dinghy?

    Ahoy there LeGe , hail from Long Beach Island where i learned to sail as a kid I was last there in 1978 now in Tarpon Springs Fla west coast Sailing a Morgan 384. A Bahamas cruise is planned for April , have to see the swimming pigs in the Exumas ! two months or so is the plan taking the cat...
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    Siren 17 needs Anchor lift

    I had a siren 17 for years and enjoyed the boat very much ! Lee / fla
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    Battery Buyers = Good News

    of course there is a return charge..! Even in florida I used to be from Long beach island... small world.. !
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    Battery Buyers = Good News

    Sail away ! I have met Bob Sidleman when he was a sailmaker in Cherry Hill New Jersey than started building boats. St nick
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    Bridge clearances in Florida

    i have seen a site that lists all the bridges and there heights ! Any one know of such a site ?
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    Bridge clearances in Florida

    I'm trying to plan a cruise but i need to know bridge clearances just in case. I'm 52 feet above the water Morgan 384. Going south , from Clearwater Fl
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    Looking for a photo hunter of port in black plastic

    i have seen a Hunter with euro style black plastic and black windows mounted in that space ! Can any one tell me what model or year? Lee Nicholas tarpon Springs fl
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    Bridge tender story

    Yesterday we were moving a Morgan 38 from the boat yard out for bottom paint to Dunedin Fl . When we approached the inter coastal draw bridge we noticed other sailboats waiting. We tried to hail the bridge and there was no answer We were on ch 9 . ! moved to 16 hailed the local Tow Boat US we...
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    Yet another wiring diagram. Sorry.

    I would up grade the batteries Me I like larger alternators and larger batteries like type 31 AGM (3) I have 2 solar panels on my Morgan 384 . Now im in Fla so the ac runs a lot . Oh i have refrigeration and ac .
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    Larger cockpit

    Six or more people in your cockpit ! And still have the sails up ? You need less friends ! I have no idea how you still tack and crank winches , with all those people. I have a Morgan 384 and more than another couple in the cockpit are not welcome. Others are topside on the cabin roof or...
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    Solar panel

    there are 2 kinds of charge controllers. One charges the batteries all the time, and over charges them if not turnened off the other the more $$ turns off the charge when the batteries are charged.. I have a buddy with the cheeper charge controller and he ended up purchasing a new battery in...
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    Quickie wax or do nothing - short on time

    HONEST i use ISLAND GIRL PRODUCTS on my Morgan 384 I'm in Clearwater FLA . its clear no buffing lasts a year ( beads water) no buffing all clear liquid. no buffers at all. See their web site "Island " . Its not cheep but i can tell you from real this stuff works. The owner is...
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    Florida Keys Passageway From East to West Coast

    I have a Morgan 384 draft 5 with cruising stores 5'6" I'm in Tampa going to the Bahamas leaving from marathon. Thats the plan hope with in a year..mast 55 ' off the water
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    Tips For A Great Buff & Wax

    I just know all you guys are not going to believe me. Talk to the guy at Island Girl .com he is a chem eng in Hawaii . He sells a product called Island girl. First you wipe on the purple excelsior war 10 min rise with water all your old gel coat now is shiney than wipe on clear Island girl...
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    Installed Manual Windlass on C-27

    I just did the exact job on my 384 Morgan Manual winch Royal lofrans. I use the drum for the line and set the chain in the gupsy. I just added a second anchor roller for my 45 CQR all chain rode. 35 bruce is my main anchor 20 ft chain and 175 ft of 12 ply twist. I did a whole anchor locker...
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    Atomic 4 replaced by Volvo MD6A diesel?

    I had a Md7A in my 28 sabre 13 hp did just fine. 3 bladed prop hull speed 7 knots. Just do it.. lee/ fla
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    Bahamas storm marina keel pits ?

    Has any one seen the keel pits used in the bahamas when a hurricane is about to strike? I understand they get a back hoe and dig holes and crane drop the boats keel in the hole !! The jack stands tend to fall over in a bad blow..
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    Tartan 34 Lewmar traveler ?? !

    My neighbor has a new to him Tartan 30 years old.......She has a lewmar traveler looks like the sheet line should be replaced. Looks like the line ends under the car ! i have no idea how to remove such a thing. I just have never run across this . On my Horgan i like Harkin. Can any one...