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    Hull speed and fuel consumption Hunter 30

    I calculated average nmpg for my Hunter 31, 2GM20F engine. This was in calm water in the marina. I usually budget 10 nmpg. If you are going into the wind in big waves, you should expect higher consumption.
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    ipad for navigation

    Latest iPad claims 600 nits, the previous generation was 500 nits and the the one before was 400 nits. The latest iPhone claims 800 nits (typical), 1200 nits max. For reference, the latest chart plotters have between 1,000 and 1,250 nits, so at least the phones are getting close. I think people...
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    Mounting flatscreen TV on wall

    Mount on the bulkhead (that has this large opening) using through bolts/screws. Do not use any ugly looking mounts. You can either have the screws go on the sides of the opening and into the TV (be careful not to damage any of the inside electronics) or use backing plate (wood, aluminium) that...
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    Holding tank sanitation hoses

    No matter what hose you use, it will start smelling again. This mess is a great candidate for replacing hoses with pvc tubing. Use 1 1/4" pvc and rubber connections between tank and tube.
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    Zinc for my 84' hunter 31

    There is no engine zincs on the freshwater Yanmars 2GMF and 2GM20F. The manuals refer to the sea water cooled versions and then in the addendum on the back where they describe the fresh water cooling system they fail to mention that no zincs are needed. Took me a while to confirm that.
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    Questions about Radar on smaller boats?

    Radar is expensive ($2,000+) and only useful if you do overnight cruising. Many sailboats are used as day sailers and the owners would stay at the dock if the weather is bad. If you have radar, you get used to it and cannot live without it. It helps with weather, measuring distances, avoiding...
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    More Alternator questions

    You are overthinking it. If you have pulley alignment issues, please fix those. Otherwise, just accept the belt wear, carry some spares, they are not expensive. Most of the time you will not be taxing the alternator at full output because the batteries will not accept such a high current for...
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    85 Hunter 40. Looking into AC, but worried about where to put it. Anyone already done so who can advise?

    There are really only two ways to go, three actually. First is a proper marine unit, best solution but noisy, expensive and the hoses take valuable space. Second, a portable unit with an exhaust port through the hatch. Inexpensive, easy to install, you can find the space if you look hard ($350...
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    Adding wind speed to a small Garmin

    Answering the OP's question. You need to feed the Garmin NMEA 0183 MWD sentence. This can come either from the NASA Clipper wind instrument (<$200) or from another chartplotter, head, converter that takes your existing instrument proprietary analog output and converts it to NMEA 0183. In my...
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    Small diesel engines consumer about 215g diesel/hp/hour in this range. I have done extensive testing on my Yanmer 2GM20f (16 hp, 3,600 rpms, so exactly the same as yours). At 2,000 rpm's the engine will make a max of five hp and consume a max of 0.35 gph. You are unlikely to exceed this figure...
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    Yanmar 2GM starting trouble

    I think the OP has the right idea, just follow the steps once more: 1) If you crank the manual pump, you need to see fuel at the fuel filter, plenty of it. If not, trace the lines. 2) If you see fuel at the filter, open the decompressors and crank for a while (I think you did this). It should...
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    older vs. newer fiberglass boats

    I can give you an example of my boat (35 year old H31) vs. an early 2000s H310 in my marina, so that you can decide for yourself what the differences are. 1) You buy a boat because you fall in love with her. It could be the layout, the sailing capabilities, anything that makes your heart stop...
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    What size head?

    Best option is to install a marine size bowl but change the toilet seat to a regular size. You get the smaller size to fit in your space while also enjoying the bigger opening for your cheeks.
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    I need a used mast for a Hunter 34

    Is it possible to fix your current mast? Hunter31/34s from that era used either Kenyon or Selden B&R rigged masts and I believe it will be very difficult to source one, the cost probably approaching the cost of another boat. If you are really set on the boat you can try to find a used H34 for...
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    alcohol or propane, the age old question

    I have an Origo 6000 alcohol stove with an oven and I like it. No propane systems, it is simple and works well. The two burners are 6,800 BTUs each vs. a propane stove that typically has one 9,000 BTU burner and one 4,000 BTU burner. The difference in heat output is small. May be 20% longer to...
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    New music sysyem

    This is a popular question. My suggestion is a small class D amp (energy efficient, 12V, which is a consideration on a boat) such as the one linked below for $79. It has Bluetooth and will drive a subwoofer when you decide to add one. Then you connect your phone via Bluetooth and use any service...
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    How To Replace Lenses on Gray (Bomar) Portlights

    I have replaced mine a few times and I have moved around the lenses as well. It is fairly simple. Undo the bolt but do not take it out as it keeps the alignment. Take a small pusher pin and tap the pin out (i.e. towards the outer edge of the frame). The Grey pins are not symmetric and have a...
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    H34 windlass installation

    I can't see how this works. The chain locker cover is not water tight. So you will be getting water in the hull all the time. This is a safety issue. I would glass the bottom back as quickly as possible and possibly forgo the windlass completely. If you want a windlass, I would go with 35-50 ft...
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    Off shore preparation

    The floor board locks and the cushion locks are minor items. Any solution could make sense or you can just bold them down/tie them up. This will be the smallest problem if you capsized. The inner stay is not a good idea for the B&G rig that our Hunters have. The mast and the rig is not designed...
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    New gear - night vision camera from SiOnyx

    If you search for "starlight camera" on Amazon, you will find many similar offerings. I have played with quite a few cheap low light camera's and any vendor that does not list the minimum lux is not to be fully trusted. Not saying it is a bad camera but you may be able to find a similar camera...