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    Midnight Sun

    We just finished our 7th race from St Pete, Fl to Isla Mujeres (just off of Cancun). We finished first in class, 8th overall. After almost 40 years of beating this boat to death ocean racing (and me), I am retiring the old girl from anything over 200 miles. Actually the boat is fine. I am...
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    Engine room fire

    A week before our sixth race to Mexico, we took Midnight Sun out for an overnight shakedown cruise. About 2 am everything went dark. At first I thought we had lost an alternator belt (we were charging batteries) but immediatley discounted that because we had five batteries on line. 10 seconds...
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    Midnight Sun refit

    After returning from the Mexico race, it was very apparent that Midnight Sun needs another major refit, or needs to be retired from ocean racing. Having gotten the crap kicked out of us, the boat was showing her age. Most of the hatches and ports were badly leaking and Lewmar no longer supports...
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    H37c on ebay

    There are presently two project boats on ebay. One in NY and one in Miami.
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    winch parts

    As you guy know, we blew up a winch (Lewmar 46st) in our last race. Lewmar quit making the wave grip series in 1991. After a exhaustive search, I found a company in England that actually makes parts for winches. I paid $600 for two sets of crowns (jaws) and stripper rings. Not cheap but much...
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    Midnight Sun racing

    Just wanted to let you guys know that Midnight Sun finished first overall and first to fininsh in the Tampa Bay to Key West race. Not bad for a 35 year old boat. We did explode our starboard primary (Lewmar 46 st) that came apart like shrapnel from a hand grenade. Looking for parts. They quit...
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    Mexico Race

    Just to give you guys an update. We just got back from the Mexico race. We won our division for the fourth year and will probably skip the race next year. Very light air going, and no air coming back. We motored for five hundred miles.
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    I had recently (last year) reported that I had replaced both toerails on Midnight Sun because of a collision. Crest Aluminum in Cleveland made the replacements and they were perfect. I had also reported that the old ones had been disposed of. I was wrong. Both toerails are still around. There...
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    Mexico Race

    For those of you interested, Midnight Sun will be leaving April 29th in the Mexico race. If you would like to follow our progress, the website is We appreciate all the support.
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    New boom

    Five weeks before the Mexico race, we broke the boom on Midnight Sun racing Sunday. It failed at the vang attachment point. We simply pulled it out of the boom. I guess I can't complain. I have raced the boat hard for 32 yrs. Anybody replaced a boom in a hurry?
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    I am looking at repowering for the second time. My first engine (2QM20) is still going strong with over 6000 hrs on it. (i sold it 16 years ago) My present engine is a 3GM30F with 6000 hrs on it. I want more power because I have a 5kw generator belted to it. I am considering the 38 hp Yanmar. I...
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    Companionway hatch

    Has anyone replaced the companionway sliding hatch on their 37c? How do you bend 1/2" lexan? Were they all lexan? I need to do something before the Mexico race in April. Any ideas?
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    Boat weight

    Any of you guys actually had your boat weighed? I was looking back through some records and found the reciept for my boat being weighed on certified scales in 1986. I don't remember what the tankage was, but it had normal sailing equipment on board. It came in at 23,300 pounds.
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    Edson steering chain

    lHi Guys, I have been remiss in not mentioning this eariler. The chain section of the Edson steering system supplied on my boat was two inches shorter that it should be. It enables the thimble and Nicro press fitting to come into contact with the teeth on the wheel drive sprocket which slowly...
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    Midnight Sun

    The ordeal is finally over. Midnight Sun was spashed today after six months out of the water except for the three week Mexico trip. Total yard bill north of 40K. Looking forward to next year. Anyone know if crude oil sticks to awlgrip?
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    h37 cutter rudder

    Coming back from Mexico we heard a loud bang, and the rudder left the boat. That left us 240 miles to go with no rudder. It took us two days to sail 210 miles. Not a record, but with only two of us on the boat, we thought it was a credible effort. When the wind died we called TowBoat US and...
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    Hi Guys, I know that the fairings most call flaps is not a new subject. But being the longest (probably) owner of a 37 cutter, I have some insight. The fairings were originally delrin. They did work well and the boat is defininately faster with them on. Untill they get hard and don't move. Then...
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    Crest Aluminum in Mentor, OH. now manufactures toe rails for all the Cherubini hunters. Midnight Sun got teeboned while at anchor. The insurance company paid for the tooling. The owner of the company is also a sailor. Blaise