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    Dinghy engine lifting davit

    I have snap shackles on the boom vang. I unclip it, then clip it to the end of the boom and use that to lower the motor onto the dinghy. Still have to lift the motor off it’s bracket and into the cockpit, but there is no more precarious balancing act getting it from the deck to the dinghy and...
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    A reputable sailmaker will size the spinnaker based on your rig dimensions. Cruising asymmetrical spinnakers are often 170% and cut for wider wind angles as opposed to 180% sails designed for a narrower range. You get what you pay for in furlers and socks. The ATN sock or other similar with...
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    Halyard wrap with Furlex

    If you have a back stay tensioner, adding some tension before furling also helps.
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    New Owner of an H34

    I had the same issue with a creeping throttle when I purchased a Hunter 30G last year. If you take off the compass, you can reach into the binnacle and there is a friction screw on the inside of the throttle lever. A few turns and the issue will be solved.
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    Shipping / brokerage costs to Canada

    I purchased a rudder worth $2000 USD last year. Paid $ 200 CAD for clearance and brokerage
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    1987 H31, Rudder Issue? Where to start?

    I bought a ‘89 Hunter 30 with a damaged rudder last year and replaced the rudder last summer. The setup is the same as the sketch above, but has a Teflon disc between the rudder and hull and another under the radial drive wheel. Can it be that someone dropped the rudder in the past and placed...
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    Mainsail, Loose / Fixed foot?

    Go loose footed. I have measured and installed sails on over 100 boats when supporting a large international sailmaker. I think I only installed one footed mainsail and that was only on the insistence of the owner. On large boats the out haul car can be questionable, but this is easily solved...
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    H30T (93) Rainwater in swimming platform lockers

    The best method for finding these nuisance leaks is to take a piece of heavy plastic and tape it over the locker opening with a shop vac hose taped through it. Pressurize the locker with the vac in blower mode Then using a spray bottle of soapy water, spray down the outside, especially around...
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    Stuck SS Fastener

    A butane torch will be fine. It is about applying heat directly to the fastener and not to the shaft as best as possible and then cooling to try and induce some thermal shock due to varying expansion and cooling rates. As the fastener and shaft are the same material it is not as effective as...
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    Stuck SS Fastener

    I had a seized stainless bolt in the quadrant of steering system last year. Applied heat with MAP torch then cooled with hose followed by penetrant spray several times over several days before it came loose.
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    Window replacement questions

    I replaced the windows on my boat with 1/4 inch plexiglass a couple of winters ago and was very pleased with the results. Spent time making a template then used a router to cut the plexiglass and round the outer edge. Painted the strip that covers the FRP black so that there would be no show...