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    I still don’t quite get rule #2…

    This just seems to be an extension of the idea that oncoming boats pass port-to-port unless their captains have agreed otherwise. Like U.S. people drive to the right side of the road. Chip V.
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    Florida Day Sailing

    Three ideas: Broward College offers beginning and intermediate sailing classes. But with your European licenses you may know more than their instructors. The South Dade Marina (farthest south place in Dade County) and the Key Lime Sailing club in Key Largo are hangouts for trailer sailors...
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    A lost art: Conserving ice.

    Can you get the Admiral to make an insulated comforter like you would have on a bed? But sized to fit the area over the icebox.
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    Suggestions 4 East Coast scenic spots

    Everybody who is anybody in sailing seems to get to Harbor Towne Marina in Dania FL sooner or later. Nice place & nice people.
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    Switching my 1976, Hunter 30 diesel to electric

    +1 for Sailing Uma.
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    Key West activities.

    Still there, still good.
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    A never ending problem

    No. My wife keeps tripping them overboard.
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    Should I add fiberglass

    The hull of my Mac 22 is approximately 1/4 inch thick. Measured when I added a garboard drain. This may help you judge. Chip V.
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    Solar Generator versus 100Wh battery Prices

    I'm a cynic, but one with experience. That experience tells me that half of the capacity of any battery-powered system is written in the engineering department. The other half is written in advertising/marketing.
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    Getting cables to reach bus bar

    The "easy" way to extend those cables is to get a same-diameter battery cable the length you need. Then bolt the two together with stainless or bronze bolts, nuts and lockwashers. Tighten up good and tape with rubber tape and then vinyl tape. Finish with a coat of clear lacquer so the tape...
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    Third Propulsion Option

    I endorse the middle bracket posted by Jssailem. I use it on my Mac 22 and have for many years. Chip V.
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    Convertible hard top on Venture of Newport 23: how to secure it?

    My boat also came with the stainless prop tubes, but I added hydraulics because both my wife and I weren't strong enough to raise the original. I suspect that Roger only sold that model to Paul Bunyan. Chip V. S/V Sand Dollar
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    What brand of charger do you use to equalize batteries

    A modern charger that has automatic equalization is a very good idea. If you REALLY want to do it by hand, here is the info you need: Leave the battery in its box or put it in an old cooler. Cover it loosely with a thick rag or old towel. The objective here is to contain flying acid in case...
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    La Niña

    I am guessing the video on the Haulover Inlet was intended as a joke. If you do try it, watch out for two BIG sandbars just inside. Shallow enough to ground a Macgregor 22. Chip V. S/V Sand Dollar (now u know where the name came from)
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    confused as to what to look for in a blue water boat

    Necessities on blue water boat: Chart, compass, food, water, your passport, you. Yes I am a smart*ss. Chip V.
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    Teak darker than expected after refinish?

    It's beautiful. Congratulate yourself instead of blame yourself. Chip V.
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    Forestay and furling genoa

    That second hole in the forward chainplate is just there. Perhaps it can be used if the forestay is a little too long or short. Chip V. S/V Sand Dollar
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    Sail cover repair question

    Candle wax also works and the bottom of a taper is just the right size. Chip V.
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    SEIZED Fasteners

    DIY penetrating oil is 1/2 brake fluid and 1/2 acetone. Not sure if this is better or worse than PB Blaster. Chip V.
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    Running Rigging Line Type

    Shameless plug for They make their own polyester double braid and will sell it to you at reasonable prices. Chip V. S/V Sand Dollar