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  1. Jac123

    Garmin 440 s

    Our Garmin begins to power up and then fades to a blank screen. Has anyone had a similar experience and was there any easy fix?
  2. Jac123

    Detector Suggestions

    I have a 1989 Catalina 30' with a propane stove and a diesel engine. I am looking for suggestions for battery operated combination detectors.
  3. Jac123


    I am having a problem with my throttle not holding a constant speed- I found this photo with the adjustment bolt circled in red.I am going to adjust that but my question is what are the screws right next to it on the throttle housing for and the one on the gear housing. Should they be tight? Thanks
  4. Jac123

    1989 Catalina 30

    I have a 1989 Catalina 30 with a faded interior. Any suggestions on the best product to spruce up the wood?
  5. Jac123

    Heat Exchanger Support

    When I was changing out the pencil zinc I noticed 1 of the supports had broken free. Any suggestions on the best way to reattach it will be appreciated.
  6. Jac123

    Mast Discoloration

    I have a stain around the base and pulleys on my mast. Anyone know the cause?
  7. Jac123

    1989 Catalina 30 Hot Water Heater Removal

    Looking to remove the hot water heater from my 1989 Catalina 30'. The easiest way seems to cut the lip and the platform all the way to the vertical portion, remove and replace the heater and then bolt/glass in a new strip for the cover support and structural support. Might be able to get it...
  8. Jac123

    Winterizing a M25xp

    I am preparing to winterize the raw water cooling system of my M25xp. I am going to disconnect the hose at the raw water thru hull seacock and run antifreeze (pink stuff) thru the engine until I see it blow out the exhaust, I have read that if you have an aqua-lift muffler you should drain it...
  9. Jac123

    Winterize a Universal M25XP

    I'm gathering winterizing products for a new to me 1989 Catalina 30. Saw an add for engine descaler. Advertisement claims it removes deposits and helps engines run cooler. Has anyone used this product? Any information is appreciated.
  10. Jac123

    New Alternator

    Need a new alternator for my 89 Catalina 30. Boat yard says $640 for o.e.m./$395 for aftermarket Right now I have the original 2 battery set-up and probably will for a few more years. I'm happy with my Marina and I'm waiting for their suggestions- Is there any reason to put the o.e.m in rather...
  11. Jac123

    Glow Plugs

    My new to me 89 Catalina 30 with m25xp has been starting with no problem. I engage the glow plugs for about 20-25 seconds then start. I have been reading post that say engaging the plugs too long can burn them out. I'm interested on how everyone else starts up. (Right now I have 2 identical deep...
  12. Jac123

    Alternator Belt Tension

    I had dust from the alternator belt all over engine. Read the post here and removed light rust from pulleys installed new belt and so far (2 trips) no dust. The belt has needed to be tightened after each run.Used engine about 1-1/2hrs each trip. Is it normal for the belt to stretch the first...
  13. Jac123

    Suggestions for navigation software for Ipad

    Looking for suggestions on software for an Ipad to be used in Northeast currently and possibly on the intracoastal to Florida in the future. Also for any waterproof cases you use with an Ipad Thanks for any info
  14. Jac123

    Wiring harness

    Last stupid question (this morning) Is this where everyone's engine wiring harness is situated. It seems like it's very susceptible to water?
  15. Jac123

    Tape Glue Residue

    We did some work on our wood this spring and now have glue from tape left over in some spots. Looking for suggestions on how to remove it without harming fiberglass or new cetol on wood. Also looking to remove the look on the Admirals face which clearly states "idiot"
  16. Jac123

    AC/DC meter

    I am a new owner of a 89 Catalina 30 I am going to try my hand at some rewiring. I took the first step and bought a new fire extinguisher. Now looking for suggestions on a meter Saw this one suggested?? Thanks
  17. Jac123

    Life Chaulk/Pergo Thru Hull

    I bought Life Chaulk to install pergo (plastic) thru hulls above the waterline Got back to boat and read that its not to be used on plastic. Thoughts
  18. Jac123

    Engine Parts

    I am looking for the best place to buy OEM or better - hoses, belts, impellars etc for a M25XP (1989) Thanks
  19. Jac123

    Emergency Tiller

    I took off the plate that covers the emergency tiller port and found that the inside of the rudder shaft was plugged as shown on the photo below. I'm assuming I should remove this material but just wanted to check if any has ever seen this before? Thanks
  20. Jac123

    3 Blade Prop

    I'm 90% set on installing the most efficient (for stopping and motoring) fixed 3 blade prop on my "89" 30' as available. Engine is M25xp/ 2:1 Any info is appreciated