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  1. salishmermaid

    H36 aft cabin light failure.

    Stuart, It is likely part of the deck harness I would pull the light fixture, there is probably a screw that holds it up and check the bullet plug connections that attach...
  2. salishmermaid

    Rare find in Puget Sound

    My wife and I were just through there on Friday, we spend Thursday night in Manzanita Bay on Bainbridge Island on our way home from 2 weeks in the San Juan's. Glad we didn't "run into it"! Another fun fact is Russell Johnson the Gilligan's Island Professor lived on Bainbridge Island, and was...
  3. salishmermaid

    Axiom 7 Screen Mystery

    You are in the Tides/Currents view for the chart. You can click on the three dash lines in the upper right to get to the Chart menu. Then select one of the other options like, Detailed, Simple, Fishing to get to the other views. If you were zoomed out where you could see the tide or current...
  4. salishmermaid

    H36 Companionway hatch repair

    There is also a dab of putty at each screw that may take a little persuading to break loose. I have had mine off recently and waiting for a break in the weather to pull it off again to route a wire.
  5. salishmermaid

    2005 Hunter 36 PHRF

    I stumbled upon this drawing today Hunter 2003-2007/H36_sailplan.pdf There are also dimensions on pages 43 - 44 of the manual Operator's Manual 2005.pdf
  6. salishmermaid

    2005 Hunter 36 PHRF

    Yes, my main is an in-mast furling sail.
  7. salishmermaid

    2005 Hunter 36 PHRF
  8. salishmermaid

    Mystery item on the Mast

    Looks like a Radar Reflector
  9. salishmermaid

    Age and boat ownership

    I was probably 15 or 16 when I bought my first boat, a 17’ Grumman Canoe. I bought my next an 18.6’ EasyRider Eskimo sea kayak at age 31, which came equipped with a downwind sail making it technically my first sailboat. Then at 48 I bought a 2007 Hunter 36 sailboat, never having sailed besides...
  10. salishmermaid

    Davits you can walk under?

    You might want to check out, they have an Island model that I have been considering. What I liked about this one is how they mount. You can swing them in or out when you want to stern into a slip, without the dingy on of course, because the base mount...
  11. salishmermaid

    Engine and Gear Box Oil Specifications for 2007 Yanmar 3YM30

    Here is a link to the Yanmar manual
  12. salishmermaid

    Engine Control panel - no key

    Several replacement options that should work:
  13. salishmermaid

    Heard a loud "bump"

    Might want to check the shaft coupling bolts just aft of the transmission. I found one of mine out laying in the bilge and the other three loose on one trip last year.
  14. salishmermaid

    2004 Hunter 41 Interior Stain

    The Owners Manual has instructions for how to repair woodwork: REPAIRS When woodwork is damaged from scrapes or abrasions that go into or thru the finish, take the following steps: 1. Take 180 to 200 grit wet/dry sand paper to smooth out rough spots. 2. Wipe clean of dust and dirt with a clean...
  15. salishmermaid

    Arch light

    Mine the power is connected to the dome light in the lazarette, it was just a bare wire that was stuck in with the male plug for the dome light. Check and see if yours is the same as it may have pulled loose. Also, watch out for that dome light. I had that lazarette so full of deck chairs...
  16. salishmermaid

    Part 2 of The Ham Radio Spirit
  17. salishmermaid

    Trip Planning Software

    Thanks, I downloaded GPSBabel and created a Raymarine rwf format file, I will try it out this weekend.
  18. salishmermaid

    Trip Planning Software

    I use ActiveCaptain to do my route planning, it does have some avoidance information in the live map, but I mainly use it to create a measured path to get a more accurate distance for the route or Lat and Lon information for locations. I enter the route manually in my Raymarine Chart Plotter...
  19. salishmermaid

    Help me find a prop shaft zinc for a 2004 Hunter 41 ?

    Makes me think of the LIfeLock Commercials, he is just a Repair Monitor:
  20. salishmermaid

    Help me find a prop shaft zinc for a 2004 Hunter 41 ?

    Manual agrees 1 1/4" Dia See Page 56 Owner's Manual 10-27-05.pdf