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  1. LakeOntario270

    What am I doing wrong

    I can't get to SBO on my laptop. Every time I try I get an End Of File error message. I've tried 3 different browsers. My Android phone works great. The laptop always worked until a week ago.
  2. LakeOntario270

    Stuck Prop On Shaft

    I have a 1996 Catalina with a 1" bronze shaft and a bronze Flex-O-Fold prop. I decided to remove the prop and I had one hell of a battle getting it off, using a prop puller, even though it's only been on for 3 seasons here on Lake Ontario. My question is there something I can put on the shaft...
  3. LakeOntario270

    Quantum Sailpack

    I'm looking at adding a Quantum Sailpack and a brand new main sail for next year. I was told it would add windage. Is that something only racers would care about?
  4. LakeOntario270

    Lost My Raw Water Intake

    I was about to pull out of the dock when I noticed my engine sounded different. I looked over the side and saw no raw water was coming out of the boat. Closed the sea cock and checked the strainer, fine. Then pulled the hose off the sea cock and found this, a fish, nicely cut in half. I...
  5. LakeOntario270

    Main Sail Shape

    This is the original 1996 Mainsail. Is the shape still good or is it time to shop for a new mainsail?
  6. LakeOntario270

    Battery Fuses

    I'm looking to upgrade my Catalina 270 battery system by adding a battery fuse block like the Blue Sea 2151 fuse block. Do I need a new battery box to fit this? I was thinking using the double post with one fuse at...
  7. LakeOntario270

    Solar Trickle Charger

    Because of flooding on Lake Ontario I have lost my dockside power. To be able to charge my starting battery I purchased a 30W solar panel with a controller. I plan to clip onto the wires from my normal AC charger that run to the battery (they are easily accessible). Once I have my dockside...
  8. LakeOntario270

    Display Engine Data

    I have a brand new Axiom Chart plotter that will display engine data as long as it's on a NMEA 2000 bus. I have a 1996 Westerbeke that has analog data. I've been looking at the NoLand Engineering - RS11 V4 NMEA 2000 Engine Data Converter. Any thoughts or alternatives?
  9. LakeOntario270

    Blob Material

    Looking for a recommendation on what to use to seal my new cable (left side) in my Nav Pod. I'm guessing silicon was used on the old cable (on the right).
  10. LakeOntario270

    Federal flexible coupling

    Some boaters swear by Federal flexible coupling on their Catalina34s. What problem is it suppose to fix and how would I know if it does any good?
  11. LakeOntario270

    New Motor Mount Mounting Hole

    I have a Westerbeke 20B Two on a Catalina 270 that I just purchases new motor mounts for. I don't think all of the holes are going to line up (some will) due to the old mounts having a very wide slot for adjusting side to side. The new mounts (Metalastik Cushyfloat) are basically a hole. My...
  12. LakeOntario270

    Engine Isolator

    I'm thinking about replacing the engine mounts on my 1996 Westerbeke 20B Two. I'm looking at generic mounts like Cushyfloat because the price on Westerbeke mounts are ridiculous. The question is what hardness did Westerbeke use? According to the charts I think I want a 55 for my weight (225 lbs).
  13. LakeOntario270

    Battery Charger Info

    There have been a lot of threads lately dealing with charging batteries and chargers which got me thinking what kind of charger do I have in my 1996 Catalina boat, so I looked. It's a BAT SAVR15. I have no information on this charger. My question, is it worth the money to replace it with...
  14. LakeOntario270

    Prop shaft castle nut

    I pulled my cruising prop off today (Catalina 270) and the shaft key was totally destroyed. I went to Catalina Direct for a new key and they have a package consisting of a brass castle nut, shaft key, and cotter pin. Why did they use brass and not stainless?
  15. LakeOntario270

    Annapolis Boat Show

    I'm going to the Annapolis boat show next weekend for the first time and I was wondering Is there a reason to buy tickets, on line, in advance? Is there something, outside of the the show, I must see? Is there some place I must have dinner?
  16. LakeOntario270


    For all you sailors with dogs, how does the dog do his business while on board for several days?
  17. LakeOntario270

    Lack Of a Traveller

    I've noticed Beneteau's new Oceanis 35 and 38s seem to lack a traditional mainsail traveller. I assume you control the mainsail twist with the boom vang. I feel I must be missing something because if this is a good idea why have we been putting travellers to control mainsails on boats for all...
  18. LakeOntario270

    Control Cable Lubrication

    I have a 1996 Westerbeke that has 3 control cables. A throttle cable, a shut off cable, and a transmission shift cable. Should these cables be lubricated with anything?
  19. LakeOntario270

    Main Power Panel Green Light

    The main power panel on my Catalina 270 has a rectangular green indicator light that shows the system is on. Mine does not work. Catalina Direct sells a complete panel and has a pdf file showing the part number as a Seaward L109.3. Anyone know where I can get one?
  20. LakeOntario270

    For All Southern Sailors

    Lets see pictures of your boat decorated for Christmas:D