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    Sailing and restoring #9874

    I don't know the science behind it -- but all truck and trailer calamities happen on Sundays. The good thing is it makes the trip unforgettable. Glad it turned out as good as it did.
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    Cockpit Oxidation/Chalky - Polishing Advice Needed

    You might want to try "poliglow." Worked great restoring the finish on my 1987.
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    1987 Cat 22 Running Rigging

    Fishing line can also work too - if you don't have any heavy thread on hand.
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    Never say never

    Definitely - it's great sitting in the shade under the bimini, and having a nice breeze off the water flow through. I'm a convert.
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    Never say never

    That's nuts. I was in 115 degrees a few times, and I still remember it 40 years later. On the plus side - if you go - you'll remember it forever.
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    to be or not to be

    Definitely keep looking. Those photos trigger my PTSD.
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    1987 Cat 22 Running Rigging

    As far as prices, I bought a lot of rope from Defender, on-line. Good luck - I was doing the same thing, a few years ago.
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    Changes to new design?

    This is a little off the wall - but does anyone know if the factory changed the diameter of the bow & stern pulpit rails over time? I have a 1987, and the bow and stern pulpits look noticeably larger in diameter than some of the later versions of the "new design." I was looking at another new...
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    Cat 22 Swing Keel Sailboat Maintenance

    I have an 87' as well, and I bought it a few years ago. The fiberglass and waterline trim looked like it was all of 30 years old. I applied Poli Glow, and I was extremely impressed. People were asking if it was a new boat... no BS. It fades some over 2 years, but it's easy to apply. Good...
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    1987 Catalina 22 Kick Up Rudder

    I've really liked the Rudder Craft rudder.
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    Cat 22 Swing Keel Sailboat Maintenance

    I can highly recommend "Poli Glow" over regular wax treatments. I've been impressed with its performance.
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    Cat 22 cabin cushions

    You might try re-purposed memory foam mattress pads. I searched around on Amazon, and with a little digging, found some good deals on king size foam pads, and got a read on the firmness of the foam by the reviews. I used two layers of foam, of different firmness, and the end result is a little...
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    Nicely done.
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    So Many Projects, Where to Start?

    First thing to tackle: Load cold beer in cooler. 2nd thing: Start at top of list. 3rd thing: consider it a journey...
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    Fall Sailing 2019

    Nice video
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    Introduction and salt water trailer question

    Something to be careful of - my 87' came with the factory trailer, but the PO changed the bunks out. When he did that, evidently - a fair bit of boat support was pushing up from the swing keel and into the hull from the keel. I noticed a hairline vertical crack - starting at the foot of the...
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    Introduction and salt water trailer question

    I'm going to be in the market for a new trailer as well... probably in the next year or two. If you find any interesting comparisons between the two, please let us know what you think. Some of the C22, non-factory, trailer designs I've seen don't seem to have as much hull support, and I'd...
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    Guide-on assist for trailer....

    That keel needs a centerfold in Playboy. Wow!
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    Guide-on assist for trailer....

    That's some creative work - looks good. How did you bolt the lengthwise ends of the PVC to the 2 steel uprights? Run the bolt through a PVC endcap?