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  1. jibes138

    Universal M 25 fuel lines

    Fuel lines should be replaced every ten years, how old are yours? I learned this the hard way when one cracked and leaked fuel. Motor still ran but had fuel in the bilge. Fuel line can be purchased at auto stores, don't need to pay marine store mark ups, Autozone, Napa etc. Beyond cracking...
  2. jibes138

    Mercury 7.5 1982 Starting problem

    Most small motors with electric start have an emergency pull cord option to start. See if you can turn it over by hand with a pull cord to start it. Also with the cowling removed you should be able to see if the flywheel is turning when you activate the starter? Finally, I haven't seen that...
  3. jibes138

    Yanmar 3GMF still can’t get above 2200 Rpm question ?

    Do you have an electric fuel pump like a cylindrical facet style pump? If so there is a filter in the bottom of them that you remove by unscrewing the bottom of the pump. See if it is clogged if you have one.
  4. jibes138

    confused as to what to look for in a blue water boat

    Pacific Seacraft 34 or 37. 1990 Pacific Seacraft 34 Cruiser for sale - YachtWorld
  5. jibes138

    Pulling dead diesel from Cal 2-27

    Those mounts are bolted on, Cant you just remove them instead of cutting them? At the worst cut the bolt heads to get them off if the bolts are seized.
  6. jibes138

    SEIZED Fasteners

    Internal threads in aluminum should have a self locking helical coil insert installed with zinc chromate primer to protect the threads. Then when the screw is installed it is steel on steel with mo-lith #2 to coat those threads for corrosion. I had this problem trying to remove the screws on the...
  7. jibes138

    Pulling dead diesel from Cal 2-27

    Rebuild companies might want your engine core. Might be worth a few hundred bucks.
  8. jibes138

    Pulling dead diesel from Cal 2-27

    Don't cut the parts your arrows point to. Are you planning to rebuild the motor? Can't you remove the nuts that hold the motor to the motor mounts, lift the engine to clear then pull it out? Once out you'll have lots of room to work on removing the mounts from the stringers. If your shaft is...
  9. jibes138

    How to remove 2 1/2 retaining nut?

    Use an oscillating tool with a metal cutting blade to cut off the thru hull threaded portion. Then cut vertically into the nut on both sides to effectively cut it in half. Don't cut into the fiberglass, just get close. Now use a chisel or screwdriver to hit into the slot you just cut and the...
  10. jibes138

    Propane storage replacement

    Perhaps you could slather them with release agent then lay up new fiberglass ones using those as the mold. The fiberglass ones will be a little larger so it may be an issue with the fit. You could then use the one you laid up as the "mold" and lay up on the inside of the new one to get an...
  11. jibes138

    DIY Fuel Polishing System

    I made a system and it is more for polishing the fuel going in the tank to make sure it is clean than to clean old fuel. I made an L shaped plywood board with a Racor S12 or something filter, a cube type 12V pump and a switch. A few hoses and some fittings and it was probably around a hundred...
  12. jibes138

    Wire tied set screw for prop shaft flange

    Try these, you can grind a point on the end if you want. Put a nut on the bolt before you grind it to chase the thread afterwards. screws | McMaster-Carr
  13. jibes138

    Fall Maintenance - Universal Diesel

    If your boat was originally shipped with only an on-engine filter then it was plumbed the only way it could have been. Adding a primary filter provides a much more robust system, but if you read the Racor information I posted previously it clearly says the filter is to be installed on the...
  14. jibes138

    1999 Seaward s25 yanmar 1gm10 loose /stripped motor mount bolt repair

    You should never have a structural fastener screwed directly into GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Think of the name, it is plastic. It has to have an insert or plate bonded in to the layup to have enough strength for that application. If it is a plate you can tap it larger and install a self...
  15. jibes138

    Fall Maintenance - Universal Diesel

    That's how O'Day and many others plumbed their boats, but as Stu notes it is not correct. Racor filters in particular specify being installed on the suction side of the pump. Just get some fuel line and change the plumbing, it is inexpensive and an easy fix. The hardware can stay where it is...
  16. jibes138

    Beneteau 323 shaft lock nut

    What is the O-ring for in your picture? Isn't this a dry assembly?
  17. jibes138

    34/35 Prop Shaft Strut?

    IIRC you have to remove the fuel tank to get at the bolts for the strut. Quite a project. I replaced my fuel tank several years ago.
  18. jibes138

    New to me needs some work (advice)

    I had a C25 for ten years. From my experience look at the following: The lower shrouds are only connected through the deck with what amounts to an eye bolt. I had one fracture due to crevice corrosion, it was leaking but not into the cabin so water with stainless caused crevice stress...
  19. jibes138

    Lost Prop Beneteau 473

    talk to a propeller shop or call the propeller dealer. You need to match the propeller to your engine to achieve the engine's maximum specified RPM's. Calling Beneteau might be another good place to start.
  20. jibes138

    How to rig outhaul (and the rest) on O'Day 272? The manual doesn't show the outhaul.

    Block "A" in your photo would be attached to the sail with probably some nylon webbing to jiffy reef the sail. More likely you have a grommet in the sail for the reef line to go through that pulls the luff of the sail down to the boom then the line runs back to the leech to pull the leech down...