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    NW Rendezvous ??

    Maybe I missed it, but has a date been determined and the Pender Island, B.C. location confirmed? Can Lorna Doone come? I would like to see her. Thanks, Doug Taylor, #712
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    Is this thing working? Nothing since 11-28 on my monitor.

    no message
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    I have to sell #712, Puget Sound

    See the updated file: "1970 Albin Vega 5-25-06.doc" This is the same boat as in "12 VDC" file from six years ago. Photos are at under:"Albin Vega for sale" Due to family type disasters, I need to actively try to sell my favorite little ship. Contact info is in the posted...
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    I'm selling 1970 Vega, #712

    My Vega, #712,is for sale. I wish that circumstances did not make this necessary. She is at Kingston Marina in Puget Sound. See "1970 Vega doc," a Word file in Files, at the left of your screen. I list $10,500, which is open to discussion.... Some photos are at, Click on...
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    Vega 712, and her outboard Yamaha.

    Vega #712 is still for sale. I haven't been actively promoting this, but there are photos at,, and my blurb is the 9th file from the top in, "Files," a Word document. For the guy looking into a replacement outboard, there is a photo of a Yamaha hi thrust, XL shaft...
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    Selling my Vega

    I uploaded a word file into "files" with info on Vega #712 for sale. I may have caused it to be announced twice, sorry. A combination of circumstances conspire to make this sale necessary, though I'd rather not. Contact information is in the file, "1970 Albin Vega...." Regards, Doug Taylor
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    Compass window aft of companionway

    So, I replaced all the portlight rubber on #712, (thanks Bill Bach, it is great, and looks very nice). However, I discovered that the moulding for the 6-1/2" round compass viewing window is a different extrusion. The fiberglass is thinner, here, and the space between the glass and the...
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    "Log of the Mahina" on ebay

    Hey, Vega's' I see a copy of John Neal's book on Ebay. I have a copy, and there are pictures, as well as an interesting narrative of his lengthy Vega cruise. It is item number 3557310904, and is asking a $4 bid. (I'm not the seller.) Regards, Doug Taylor, #712 By the way, what is the...
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    More on thru-hull question

    So many boats have dubious installations at the thru hull. My /Vega had a 1 1/4" bronze gate valve screwed to a nylon thru hull. Dissimilar materials is one concern, but not using an actual seacock is worse, particulatly in this 32 year old installation. (I invisioned the brittle plastic...