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    7.3 Front Hatch Replacement

    Despite another poster's claim that your broken 1/2" hatch was also home made, I can assure you it's original. Mine was original before getting broken. It was 1/2" and was not frosted. The teak traction strips mentioned were not on the smaller S2s, such as 7.3, 6.9, 6.7 and 7.9, only on the...
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    7.3 head 1979

    Of course, you're right...3 statute miles. My mistake. Please forgive.
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    7.3 head 1979

    This responds to an oooooold posting that I'm inexplicably locked out of, so can't respond there. I originally had a porta-potti with pump-out and vent. I plumbed in a 20 gal plastic tank in the first locker under the v-berth and have never regretted it. I did as much plumbing as possible with...
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    Mast Raising System (for 7.3)

    I have found it easier to lower the mast forward where it comes to rest on a home-made rubber roller on the bow pulpit. A gin pole using my spinnaker pole provides leverage. The outer (rear) end of the pole is guyed to the wood rails exactly in line with the forward mast step pivot bolt. I sit...
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    outhaul configuration 7.3

    TopCat, I know you are going by the thread dates, and yes, no one may benefit, but we S2 owners keep an eye on such stuff.
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    Companionway Hatch Lock?

    I mortised in a brass cabinet lock, into the top edge of the top c'way drop board. Its latching part goes into a mortise cut into the lower edge of the acrylic c'way slide. Kind of amazing how a poster asks a question about a specific boat and others reply about some other boat. Sometimes...
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    Dodger question......

    I'm purchasing an '81 9.2A and am in the market for a dodger. The PO had one but no longer. Frame brackets and turn-buttons all in place, just no dodger.
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    outhaul configuration 7.3

    My '79 7.3 has reefing and outhaul lines inside the boom. They used to exit at the gooseneck, under two cam cleats until I led them to a turning block at the mast base, thence to new line stoppers forward of the port cabin-top winch. Easy to adjust and winch if necessary.
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    Plexiglass hatches

    I made my 7.3 front hatch cover as others have described. I also added, using a router, a 1/8" deep groove on the inner face about 1/4" from the edge. This intercepts any water that would like to creep across from the edge to the gasket.
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    Removing Datamarine instruments

    Windshield repair guys use an old guitar string--one that is "wound" and gives a sort of "cutting" action.
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    Question re: motoring in reverse

    A good thing to remember is that when your prop is running in reverse, there is a considerable water stream impacting the rudder even with NO boat speed astern. Obviously not as much as in forward, but enough to affect on the stern movement. Since many of our props are left-hand, having about...
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    7.3 Shoal Draft

    I've had my 7.3 SD since 1986 and have raced a good bit on a friend's Cat 25 standard keel. The Cat will outpoint my boat but mine is faster on any point but close-hauled. The 7.3 is a fine little boat. I'm about to buy a 9.2A SD.
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    Water tank sources?

    I think the above poster is mistaken that aluminum is ok for diesel fuel. Many have corroded. I've had a Vetus flexible triangular water tank for 31 years and it's been perfect. Never any odor. I add 1tsp clorox per 20 gal fill-up. Most clorox is way way overdone.
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    Any 7.3 owners out there?

    My 7.3 is a shoal draft. The mast is probably 80 lbs. My cockpit drains go straight down and discharge below the transom but above the waterline.
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    Any 7.3 owners out there?

    I've owned my '79 S2 7.3 since 1986 and originally let the mast down to the rear when preparing to travel. Changed to using my spinnaker pole as a gin pole and lower the mast forward now..Much better. I can't visualize the ice you describe on top of your keel. Can you clarify? Feel free to ask...