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    Crash. Pray for these people

    Honorable mention for the Darwin Awards.
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    Electronics Ugrades - best approach?

    IMHO, The key to long term success is - start with the network. Install one modern network backbone (like nmea2000) or compatible network (SeaTalkng). Then you can take all the rest one-at-a-time. As you go along, either adapt your old instrument to your backbone or buy new one. Its a lot...
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    H22 Bulkhead

    I recently purchased a 2013 Marlow Hunter 22 sailboat. It is in like new condition.
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    1978 Hunter 27 Shroud Tension

    you have to help me with that Shemandr. a boat with fragile construction like chain stays but heavy wire would require less tension than the wire size would imply. right ? seems to me that tension is a boat specification.
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    1978 Hunter 27 Shroud Tension

    My H22 has quite a bit of slack on the lee when heeled over. what is the harm to this?
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    Advice on Price for Hunter 22 ?

    Alas, I must sell my 2013 Hunter 22. I placed an ad on SAILBOAT Owners, but I am unsure of an appropriate price. Other ads seem to be all over the place in price. Here is my new ad. Hunter 22
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    Bimini practical for a Hunter 22 ? ?

    Thank you Mayhem ! ! -curt
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    Bimini practical for a Hunter 22 ? ?

    Picture(s) ? ?
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    Bimini practical for a Hunter 22 ? ?

    Thank you for your helpful replies. This boat is new to me. So I think I'll tough it out for a bit before I decide if a Bimini is needed. In the meantime, I'll try Dave Groshong's suggestion of a big hat. (with tie downs).
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    Hunter 22 Mast Raising from Trailer Single Handed

    I think I’ve read every post there is on how to raise/lower mast. I figured out a method to meet my requirements. Single Hand From Trailer Safe in “windy” conditions Simple ----------------------------------------------- Photo 1: On the Hunter 22 the mast is stepped on the keel. That...
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    Bimini practical for a Hunter 22 ? ?

    I'm thinking you're right, Dave.
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    Bimini practical for a Hunter 22 ? ?

    Out of box thinking! Thanks JR.
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    Bimini top

    What do you mean - it is above the boom? I thought the mainsail was above the boom?
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    Bimini practical for a Hunter 22 ? ?

    I have a Hunter 22, 2013 model with the open transom and long cockpit. Would it be practical to install a Bimini Top of of some sort so I can get some break from the sun? Is it possible to rig one that is not constantly in the way and interfering with sailing the boat?
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    This the best I have found anywhere. Roll Cup Holder

    This the best I have found anywhere. Roll Cup Holder
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    Keel winch failure... and repair...

    Actually Gene, the inflation pressure data are not usually printed on the tire. The specs on the tire refer to maximums. The proper running tire pressure is normally printed on a sticker on the inside of your driver door. It is usually, lower than the the maximum printed on the tire. In...
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    Improving the Hunter 216

    I snooped around the internet to see if I could find examples of Skookum's rig. I found this one. Good explanation and I like the article on "mods". Pros and Cons of this rig were informative. Soft traveler I also discovered that "my" version is often called a two-mainsheet system. Not to be...
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    Improving the Hunter 216

    Nice, Skookum. :thumbup: This seems to have all the functionality of a standard traveler. Clever. But your bridle lacks the feature that breaks your shin when you stumble in to it.;) Another thing - it does not appear to be expensive enough. I just can't trust marine products that I can...
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    Deck clutter (aka storage)

    Very clever