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    sv Bella crossing Lake Michigan

    Thank you for the starter/engine advice last week. I decided that I had lots to make sure was right before crossing beside the engine. We left Milwaukee at 13:00 on last Tuesday. Weather was clear for most of the trip, though I think I saw snow sometime after midnight. It was COLD! On the west...
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    Bella is For Sale

    I've loved my Vega, but have purchased a boat in Miami and moved to Florida. Bella is For Sale. The original Volvo Penta is kaput. There are new cockpit locker lids and lifeline stanchions to install. She is really well equipped. Luckily for someone, I didn't have time to grab any of the choice...
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    Flywheel won't turn.

    I bought Vega #2620, s/v Bella and am rigging to launch. This afternoon we tried to turn over the engine, a Volvo Penta MD6A. She won't start. The flywheel is not turning. We tried turning the engine by hand with the handle. With the decompression lever up, the engine/flywheel would not budge...