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    Stern light

    I agree that it will be too much trouble to relocate the stern light. So I'm going to add one to my back pulpit. Now another question. I'm guessing I need to take the bulb out of the original light. Or, can I leave them both on?
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    Stern light

    From what's I understand, while sailing you turn off the mast head light. So people know you are a sailboat. The nav lights on the front and stern light remain on whether sailing or motoring.
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    Stern light

    That's what I'm thinking of doing. I think people would see me with the sails up but just to be safer and legal.
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    Stern light

    Was the design of the Hunter 23.5 intended to drag the motor when sailing at night? If I raise the motor it blocks the light. This is with a factory motor attached to the factory mount.
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    23.5 mast centering baby stays while raising mast?

    I was thinking of doing like the 240 except using wire rope (cable). I trailer sailing every time. I want to make them so I don't have to take them off. After sailing for 2 years last week I had a brain fart and forgot to attach them. Going to investigate whether I can attach to the same...
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    What's it called

    Ugh,. the forum store is the first place I looked. Missed it and spent over an hour searching every where else. Thanks Dave
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    What's it called

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    What's it called

    First,. what's it called, second where can I get one. I looked everywhere on the internet and can't find it . It's on the mast for my baby stay on a hunter 23.5.
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    Using a trolling motor on small boat

    I've used a really small trolling motor on a boat that weighed 500 lb alone. I can motor around for at least a couple hours on a lawn mower battery.
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    symmetrical versus asymmetrical Spinnaker

    I know I can fly a spinnaker. The stress on the rigging will be just from the head. The tack and clew are being pulled from the back of the boat. With an asymmetrical my tack will now be attached to my forestay. The higher I let it go, the higher the stress. It's pulling on my rigging. My...
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    symmetrical versus asymmetrical Spinnaker

    How much more stress does a asymmetrical put on the rigging. My H23.5 manual, w/fractional rig (no backstay) states I can fly a symmetrical sail. Both tack and luff pulling from the back of the boat. And probably sailing more downwind. With an asymmetrical I would have the tack attached to a...
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    Spinnaker versus asymmetrical

    Hunter 23.5 owner's manual says you can fly a Spinnaker. Wondering if there's more stress on the rigging flying a asymmetrical Spinnaker. No back stay on these boats. So if it can handle a Spinnaker can it handle an asymmetrical Spinnaker?
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    Mast Light

    You can find these, with le d on Amazon. But be prepared to do some rewiring. Instead of two hot wires, one for steaming, one for anchor, they use two grounds. And being led you can't just hook up your hot wires to the black leads.
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    New main sail

    That was a concern of mine and I asked that question a while back. With the mid-boom sheeting and not having the sail load spread out, just on the ends is it strong enough. I was assured by many that the boom is strong enough. (ended up purchasing a new loose-footed main, Hunter 23.5)
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    Sail Rigging Questions - I have never sailed - 24ft Laguna Windrose

    I had a similar setup on a San Juan 21. I never used it for reefing the sail. I always trailered sailed so just rolled the sail up on the boom and threw it inside the boat.
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    Anyone have pics of mast lowering Bridle attachment?

    the top rail would be all right but I wouldn't use that cast aluminum piece. That would be a weak point and could easily break.
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    Hunter 23.5 forestay/pulpit damage

    curious how hard it was to remove the bulkhead.
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    Step removal

    I would replace it with something maybe even better. however I want to make it so it's removable for easier access to the back birth. I'm just curious if it's structural to the boat or just a step.
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    Step removal

    Has anyone taken the step out and replace it with a step that's removable? Is crucial to the integrity of the boat
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    New main sail - Hunter 23.5

    didn't see anything from the link