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    Anchoring near submarine pipelines?

    Recent news reports indicate that the oil spill off the coast of LA is the result of an anchor dragging and breaking a submerged pipeline. My question: Would there have been a No Anchor designation for the area along the pipeline? I don't have charts for the Long Beach port area, but the Marine...
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    Tempest International

    You may have already reached out to these folks: Welcome I owned one for a few years then sold it to my dad's neighbor who's left it sitting on a trailer for a few decades. I'm headed that way this weekend and may stop by to check on it. It was a blast to sail, especially single-handing from...
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    Re: MD DNR

    Well, as a "for instance", I got an inflatable but was still shopping for an outboard. When registering the boat, I didn't put the HP on the form because I didn't know what I'd end up buying. The guy asked me, and I told him I was still looking for one, maybe 10 hp. He says "You know, anything...
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    Avon inflatable floor repair

    Make sure you get the right glue for the right fabric. Don't know whether your Avon is PVC or Hypalon. I need to re-glue the floor and transom on my Zodiac, which is "Strongan" PVC. My initial inquiries were met with "don't bother, it will never work", but further research indicates a lot of...
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    Re: MD DNR

    Not to start another flame fest, but I've found it makes a big difference to show up at the MD DNR offices instead of dealing with them by phone or mail. Pretty much all of my experiences, they've been extremely "accommodating". Saved me $$ on more than couple occasions.
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    Could easily lose my boat

    Which is doubly amusing because usually they just roll their eyes at such stunts.
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    Tiller vs. wheel steering on 34-40 ft boats

    Most tiller boats I've sailed, it's a quite simple matter to lift the tiller over passengers' knees when necessary. I also like the ability to scull with the rudder. Useful when I sail up to the dock, but run out of momentum about 5 feet off. I can't imagine most wheel systems allow for...
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    Tiller vs. wheel steering on 34-40 ft boats

    Re: tiller vs wheel steering on 34-40ft boats My Islander 32 (just shy of 5 tons) is a tiller boat, and I don't think I'd want a wheel on her. Even with a big barn door keel-hung rudder, if the sails are balanced it's no big deal hand steering on long trips. And the auto-tiller was simple to...
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    maybe I should talk to a therapist, or a self-help Guru...

    Re: maybe I should talk to a therapist, or a self-help Guru. For me, the big issue is information overload. When I only had a Windows XP computer, it was a pretty straight forward matter to figure out what was possible with it, and how to make it do what I want. Then I got a palm smartphone...
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    Female Sailboat Owners....

    Over on a recording studio forum I frequent, a similar question was asked re: women studio engineers. One commenter stated: I went to an all male military school as a kid. We desperately wanted to be around women but when we were the conversation still deteriorated to the same crap you would...
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    *THIS* is how you sell a boat….

    And here I am staring at one of the many screens I find myself staring at during most my waking hours. Yeah, I need a change, but one boat's enough for me.
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    *THIS* is how you sell a boat….
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    Looks handy for working on seacocks

    Great idea, but a barnacle or two on the outside of the thru-hull might prevent it from sealing. Very handy, but merlinuxo is right, they are no substitution for plugs. An epoxy stick, like J-B Weld WaterWeld, is also good when you need a temporary leak fix that will last a little longer...
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    Intellicast Marine Weather maps

    I usually just use intellicast for general weather reports (e.g. "Will I need a rain coat?"). I'm sure there are better sites, but I've been using it for decades and am familiar with it. This morning they had a "banner ad" announcing their new Marine weather map...
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    Help me clean my dirty bottom

    Last time I did my boat, I used a shop vac with a RO sander, and there was hardly any dust that didn't get sucked up. Still, there is some, and you'll likely end up with a good coating on you. Definitely use a dust mask. To make it a little easier to maneuver, I taped the power cord to the...
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    Magnetic Pole Reversal

    Also, the article you linked to states near the bottom "The polarity reversal probably won't harmfully impact Earth…" and provides a link to a article which (more accurately) describes the likely effects of the reversal. Did you read that far?
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    Try to change her, or let her go? Need advice here..

    Well, there's the extreme option as exemplified by Tim Lackey's conversion of a Pearson Triton to a day sailor. Not for the faint of heart, but the results are spectacular.
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    Taking on water

    Maybe a leaking hull/deck joint?
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    Puzzle me this: Marinas, Boat Yards

    For cripes sakes, can we address this person's boat concerns and leave gender out of it?!?! Just drop all the gender debating that's occurred so far. You don't have to make your point on the gender issue. Enough! NH, I agree with a lot of what's been suggested so far: Prioritize your list...
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    You Can't Live on a Boat Anymore

    Does the rental agreement have to be for a whole apartment? Can't you draw up a rental agreement with a friend that meets the definition of a legally binding piece of paper?