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    Cockpit Sole Fastener Solution

    Today I implemented a very simple and cost-effective way to solve the cockpit sole fastening issue, using 8 brass expansion plugs. They have an internal M6 thread and 8mm outside diameter and can be purchased at almost any hardware store. 1. Drill out the existing holes to 7mm. 2. Take a 8mm...
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    Running Rigging Replacement

    My current rigging for the main sail and genua consists of a steel cable with approximately 7 meter polyester rope at the end. The latter part needs replacement. Any ideas on whether it is better to just replace the polyester rope at the end or replace the entire steel/polyester combination...
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    Remove handle to control speed and pitch in cockpit

    The handle for controlling the speed and pitch inside the cockpit is stuck. It does not go into reverse anymore and I need to clean it. Does anybody know how to remove the handle so that I can unmount and open the mechanism that pushes and pulls the rod to the control tube? I put a photo in...
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    Cylinder head for MD6b

    There are exhaust gases leaking from one of the injectors and it looks like my cylinder head is corroded and can't be fixed. Does anybody have an MD6B head for sale as a spare part? Maarten van Emmerik The Netherlands
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    Mainsheet traveller bolt

    I'm looking for a bolt to fix the slider on the mainsheet traveller (the one you tighten by hand). I think it has a 1/4" UNC (Withworth) thread and is made out of brass. I found out that it is the same bolt used to fix a photo camera to a tripod (but those are not made out of brass). Anybody...
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    Water pump leaking

    When I run my MD6B engine there is water dripping out of the hole at the bottom of the shaft that connects the pump to the engine. The rate is about one drop per second. When I replaced the impeller last year the problem disappeared but now it is there again (100 hrs). I noticed that the...
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    Engine stalls because of air and foam in fuel line

    I bought Vega 2904 a few weeks ago and overall I am very satisfied, however there are a few issues. When the tank is less than 75% full the engine sometimes stalls. I openened the cockpit sole and noticed that there were air bubbles and foam in the fuel line to the engine. The return line...