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    test 3

    still no joy... Steve [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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    Re: [AlbinVega] Dropping/Raising mast without a crane and mainsheet travellerinstalled almost.

    Hi John There is a tabernacle system available for the Vega. It has been used by the DUtch Vegas for many years as they sail on inland lakes with canals so have to lower their masts many times to get under the bridges. Best I have seen in 8 minutes dropping, under the bridge then 8 minutes...
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    Albin Vega Solent Rally

    Hi All Vegarites (UK South Coast) The annual Solent Bash will be taking place from Friday May 27th - Monday May 30th. All welcome. Meet friday afternnon/evening at Haslar Marina for drinks/meal/chat at the Lightship Club. Saturday 28th Race Day for serious and crusining with a gurees your...
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    Gooseneck Fittings

    Hi Nick & Wilhelm The series 2 has the boom furling either through the mast or through the boom depending on each different Vega. The Series 1 Vega has a track that is attached to the outside of the mast so the boom can slide up and down. The sail also goes up a tack slide riveted to the...
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    Re: [AlbinVega]

    Hi Mort Just received five of them today. Two sold, one reserved, two spare. Price is £195 plus carriage. Best piece of Vega gear I make by far. Ask anyone that has one. Really strong, 5mm thick chainplate with complete weld so no mast collapse from the chainplate weld giving way. If you wanyt...
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    IFR2008 Binding Registration Form

    Hi All The Binding Registartion Form is now available for the IFR2008 to be held in Harwich (30th June - 5th July 2008) It can be downloaded from or email direct at steve@... Cheers Steve B
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    Brokerage spam

    Why are we allowing brokerage spam from Jenneau yachts. I thought this was a Vega Group! Regards to all Steve Birch
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    Vega Book - Gulshan Rai

    Hi All We now have some more copies of Gulshan Rai's book about his sailing experience aboard his Vega which he sailed from the UK towards India. A sad ending but a good read. If anyone wants a copy then the price is £10 plus carriage. All proceeds are going to VAGB. Kind Regards Steve...
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    Yahoo Group messages all gone... WHat's happened?

    Where have all teh messages gone?
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    Vega Book -Sailing the Oceans

    Hi All Just received ten signed copies of the book "Sailing The Oceans" which tells of a trip from the Hamble in The Solent to India that ended in disaster in The Red Sea in the Vega L'Horizon (renamed Jaykus). A fine read (in fact three books in one) telling of three journeys...
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    Bilge Drain Replacement

    Hi All I have uploaded a photo of the new bilge drain replacement. Made from phosphur bronze and comes complete with new plug. Hand engineered. Five left but more can be made in time for the new season. I have had to change two in the last week and so had a few spare ones made. Price in UK...
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    Ken Preston Lyra's trip

    Hi Ken I have downloaded your article on your trip with your Vega Lyra. Do you mind if I add it to the Vega CDROM? I would also like to serialise it in the Vega Newsletter. Let me know if you dont mind. I do not have your email address so trying to contact you via the yahoo group Kind Regards...
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    Radar Installation Furuno 1715 Mast Bracket/Stern Post

    Hi Ken and all I am installing a Furuno 1715 Radar this winter. Would appreciate any tips, drawings of stern posts or mast brackets. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers Steve Birch (steve@...)
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    Re: [AlbinVega] Gate Valve Removal Progress

    Hi Chris Best way I have found to remove the skin fittings and valves at one go is to use an angle-grinder on the outside and grind of the lipof the skin-fitting (carefully) then just push it upwards - piece of cake but be careful Steve Birch
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    I forgot to give the names of our other 2 Moderators. They are: Alistar Gurney and John Kinsella plus our new guy Tom Rutter. Cheers Steve B
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    Re: [AlbinVega]

    Hi Vegas in the USA are much cheaper than the UK and Europe so I sugest you get one in the States. Kind Regards Steve Birch
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    Chuck et al.... Yippee

    Great news that Chuck, Laura, Bree and Lea Lea are ok. Crack open the champagne......
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    Fed up... Should be sailing

    Hi All Stuck at home instead of sailing. Been painting and scraping a 40 foot container with Red Oxide, a lovely job! All for the children of the village so all in a good cause so I keep telling myself! Off sail teaching for three days on The Solent so must wait until then. Dont tell anyone...
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    Cockpit Stainless Insert Fixings

    Hi George I will be doing the eight inserts (316 stainless) plus a tube of fixing, plus eight M6 Countesunk (316 stainless) machine screws plus fitting instructions for £30 plus postage. I will be fiiting a sset today so I will take photos and let you know how it all goes. Kind Regards Steve...
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    Newsletter 40 - VAGB

    Hi All The latest VAGB Newsletter is now available. I will try and find time to put it on the VAGB website ( so everyone can download. Cheers all Steve B