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    Pensacola Bay

    Don't hit the USS Massachusetts going into Pensacola Pass as my friend did. It is almost awash at low tide. The wreck of the USS Massachusetts--BB-2 is located 1.5 nautical miles south-southwest of Pensacola Pass. It lies in 26-30 ft. of water within the Fort Pickens State Aquatic Preserve...
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    Yanmar3gm30f- saltwater hose leaking

    Pull it part clean the connections both hose and engine, little sand paper wire brush. Little non harding gasket sealer may help also. Replace the hose clamp. Check to be sure the connection has not split.
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    Yanmar starting issue

    If you have not done so clean all the connecting cables including the grounds on the engine and on back to the battries. Clean the studs washers nuts so on. Make them shine. If you want to go to the next step stop at Radio Shack or online and get some DeoxIT. I think you may just have some bad...
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    Seafoam in crank case

    Shell Rotella T5 15-40 in Yanmar and Fisher Panda Genset. Changed the oil yesterday. New Filter with every change. Change Twice a year right after Day Light Savings Time starts and right before it ends. Change the oil no matter how low the engine hours I put on the boat. No additives in the...
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    Mast Climbing - How much is too much

    I paid a rigger a lot of money to do my mast work because my wife told me I was to old and it was dangerous, best money I ever spent.
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    They Lied......

    Now you know you are a true sailor.
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    Engine not cranking

    I don't understand the PB Blaster part. What did you spray. First be sure the engine is free by turning the engine by hand, note the direction of roatation. Check oil, coolant, clean battery grounds, be sure the battries are fully charged. Then try again.
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    App store. RaspiConnect by MiloCreek. The data server is a Raspberry Pi
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    The sensors or placed at any location you like. In my case I studied the cooling flow of the engines and determined the best place to install them. A couple of tie warps and you are good to go. I did not place them into the coolant stream, I wasn't going to do that. If you feel the reading are...
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    Setting up a LAN on your boat is no big deal. Here is a good place to start. Do you need one, no not really. Enjoy and have fun.
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    In this case the server a small embedded linux processor. The coding is Python and the user interface is a iPad app which uses XML.
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    What you do is set up a wifi network in the boat to carry boat data on the LAN side you the have a connection to the outside world on the WAN side. You can use a Tenda for the LAN side or use a smartphone, how you get off the boat with a connection to the outside world is your choice, at 30...
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    Yes, I use my smart phone. You can use a dedicated wifi for the boat but would lose the weather radar or any serves outside of the boat.
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe, strap them anywhere. One wire network, you can install a hundred if you want.
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    Fun with an iPad, or what is the temperature

    A few screen shots of my iPad project. I didn't like that Yanmar uses idiot lights so I decide to write a program to monitor several temperate sensors. Anyway here is where I am at now. I hope to add oil pressure and alt. later. We will see. Anyway the information is transmitted by wifi to an...
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    Launching Oday 25 C/B 3.9 draft without a tongue extension.

    First do you have a picture of the boat? I rebuilt one years ago and it eneded up in Arkansas. No I did not seal the center board. I lancuhed by backing down and hitting the brakes the boat would slide off. Can't go to far as you may slide the truck in the water. If I remember correctly I...
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    Raymarine e7 chartplotter issues

    I was going to get an e7 but it has several kniown issues. The issue is with the touchscreen. This is the UK siite, call Ray and check about your exact unit. When I spoke with the sales staff at Westmarine they accknowledged the issue also. Best...
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    interior shot

    I think that is called a Hollywood bath. ODay has it in one of their boats the 32 I think. The Catalina 44.5 has two heads setup in that manner.
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    Three blade propeller for Hunter 33

    Go here:
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    Hunter bashing

    Don you may want to check the address you went to. Below is from the IP web site. Lamination: After the gel coat has had sufficient time to harden, large sheets of fiberglass are placed into the mold for high strength and impact resistance. Using a unique pressure fed...