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    Albin Vega Advice

    Here is a very nice site for statistical comparisons between sailing vessels: Plug in any two vessels and see the comparison. It is interesting that the ratios put the Albin Vega into the category of Racing boat... Happy sailing, Doug...
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    Depth Sounder Trouble

    Look for a crimp or squash in the transducer cable. Would make a big difference. Check its connection at the readout end for looseness or corrosion. Doug Taylor, #712
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    Spinnaker setup?

    I have used that trick that is on the Selden link with the rubber bands since about 1991 for hoisting without a sock, and let me tell you, it works like magic.
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    Ground Tackle Thoughts

    I have a diagram somewhere an old girlfriend gave me.
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    Ground Tackle Thoughts

    As I recall..those were a handy but very expensive option.
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    Outboard Motor Mount

    I hope to attend. I have reserved one of the slips.
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    What is an LMPHRF handicap certificate?

    Lake Michigan PHRF ( ) site will guide you through the process of getting your rating.........Let us know what it is!
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    sailing publication

    That would be 48(degrees symbol) North. <48° North - Pacific Northwest Sailing Magazine> Doug, #712
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    If you need installation instructions, try this ......
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    I used one (briefly) and it did O.K............But if you are going far, watch your fuel consumption.
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    Where is everyone?

    I thought we were all in Australia!Sent from my iDog
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    a couple of questions ...

    The chain plate arrangement is unusual, but I have never heard of a failure. I also have not experienced or heard of a hull deck joint leak.
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    Matt Rutherford

    What a trip!. . . What a relief.
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    Matt Rutherford

    He is in a Vega!!!.....If you go to his June 13 post there are pictures.
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    Where to fix a Raymarine st 2000 tiller pilot?

    That was my concern and why I just mounted it on the lid with 2 holes. I usually just keep my folding bike and a few non-essentials in that locker anyway.
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    First cruises in our new Vega: Combi & Volvo MD6A problems, Lake Champlain NY

    Try this: Anchor Lights - Cruisers & Sailing Forums
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    Hull liner

    The lining material has been completely removed and replaced with off white paint in my Vega. The previous owner did it 8 years ago. No condensation is present, even in Puget Sound.
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    Re: [AlbinVega] Digest Number 707

    Thanks. On the rode and anchor in the rowing dingy, I was referring to Canadian boating regulations... Doug
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    What have I forgotten for an extended cruise!

    This is how I do it....well almost
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    R: [AlbinVega] What have I forgotten for an extended cruise!

    Sounds like a great trip! Are you comfortable enough with the Navik?... Might take some bungies along, they work long enough to make coffee (or tea). Chuck on Lea Lea used them exclusively crossing from Hawaii.