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    Rig tensioning

    I have a Beneteau 423 and the fore and back stays needed tensioning. The mast had a slight bend aft. The USSpars catalogue has a procedure to tighten the forestay by lifting the roller furling apparatus and tightening the forestay underneath, but there is no turnbuckle. After a little...
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    Wandering wires

    I have a 2004 Beneteau 423 (third owner +) and recently was tidying up some wiring in the aft cabin area. There is a group of wires I found in the area behind the battery switches labeled "Autopilot crse computer", both red and black, 8 gauge. They were cut off and carry no power, I thought. I...
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    Generator location in Beneteau 423 and Cutter rig

    We have owned our 2004 423 for about 6 months now and are really enjoying it. It has 2 air conditioning units but no generator. In the event - unlikely - that we install a genset, where has Beneteau placed a diesel unit? The starboard Lazarette is the obvious place, but that would put it over...
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    Forestay tensioning on a 423

    There is a small bit of masthead "hook" rearward on our boat. We have a roller furling jib and main. Is there a way to tension the forestay with the roller fuller attached?
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    Mystery wire on alternator

    Now that I have your attention, there really is a mystery wire on the alternator. On my Volvo Penta D2 55, there is a red 12 gauge wire attached to the "D+" terminal on the alternator. There are also 2 wires on a spade connector there (one red/blue, one brown) that go into the big relay thingy...
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    Beneteau 423 battery question

    We are the proud new owners of a 2004 423 and are getting it in shape for some fun sailing. I am trying to figure out the battery selection options. When I select the #1 battery, I am selecting the start 12 volt battery, and when I select #2, the house bank or 2 4D batteries. If the start...