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    Cherubini or not?

    K, so this may be one of the silliest questions ever, but here goes.... I just purchased a 1982 Hunter 27 is it a Cherubini? And forget that first statement because I am sure that I am full of sillier questions! Thanks
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    Pulling my new 1982 27' Hunter

    So what is up with bottom paints containing copper, ablative paints? I read interlux is good, seahawk?
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    Pulling my new 1982 27' Hunter

    I just purchased this boat, I do not know how to sail, do not know very much about boats in general. That said, i live 3 hours from where the boat is docked and had someone check/clean the bottom. I am being told that it needs to be pulled out immediately and painted. My question is, is it silly...
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    C&c 30 1980

    I am looking at a 1980 30' C&C. That said, I know absolutely nothing about boats. How do I determine the model, mk1, mk11 ect.... Also I've seen a lot of 27 owners forums but no 30's. Any advise, input would be appreciated.
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    1975 Paceship

    I have never sailed, looking to learn and looking at a 1975 26 Paceship. Is this a good boat to start with? I know this is a very broad question but any feed back would be greatly appreciated!