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    NW Vegatarian update

    Just to clarify some of the discussion lately...As far as I know Jim will be in Belllingham this weekend and Diana and I will be arriving on Saturday. We will continue to tour the San Juans for at least a week. Chuck and Laura are in Port Townsend and will remain while Lealea undergoes...
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    Shipping from the UK

    I have purchased a Tinker in the UK. It is currently in Bath. Is there anyone who can assist me with shipping to Vancouver? Brian - Simply Super
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    Thanks Chuck

    Hello VEGAtarians: Just received my copy of the newsletter and was supprised and delighted to see a picture of Putachiside in Port Browning last year. Also great to read the experiences Laura had on her latest Pacific crossing as well as the island aventures of Chuck and Laura...Seems like...
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    Crusing World

    I read the June review of the Vega and what caught my eye was the fact that the main sail had three reef points, which suggested a Vega that is prepared for heavy weather...Upon further inspection I think that it is Gene Suess at the helm and it is a picture of Lorna Doone taken last year at...
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    PNW Rendezvous

    Hello All: Just an update. Currently ten (10) VEGAtarians have contacted me to register for the rendezvous. Looks like it is going to be a good one. Brian - Putachieside
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    Navik for sale....

    Bluewater Cruising Association Bluewater Cruising Association Bluewater Cruising is a Canadian Association that fosters seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising through education, social evenings, rendezvous, awards and publications...
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    two things

    1. If you really want the KISS option for a head - Check out a composting toilet such as Airhead - 20Head.pdf 2. Does anyone know if Chuck and Laura arrived on the West Coast yet. Hopefully they will be the guests of honour at the VEGAtarian Rendezvous at...
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    Rendezvous 2003

    Fellow VEGAtarians: Official Announcement - Rendezvous 2003 July 26 / 27 - Port Browning Marina on North Pender Island. Check the files section of the Vega site for map jpgs of Pt. Browning. This is very informal...there are no crabs to catch...there is a pub that serves a mean prime rib...
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    Lorna Doone

    I spoke to Gene Suess today regarding Lorna Doone and he says that a Mr. Frank McKay owns her and keeps her in Pender Harbour. Frank, if you are tuned in to this conversation, give me a shout off line at bhofler@... Cheers
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    Hello All: I recently found that the problem with my engine was the 5-10lbs. of barnacles hanging onto my combi unit. Seems that being in fresh water does not ensure less growth particularly when I did not paint the combi unit when I hauled out last year. For some reason I decided that the...
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    Albin Ballad

    There is an Albin Ballad for sale in Blaine, Washington. I checked it out today and it appears to be in good condition. Volvo engine looks new. Furling etc. Asking $20K. Just for information. Brian - Putachieside
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    Rendezvous 2010

    Diana and I checked out Fulford Harbour on our return trip and think that a better (and fitting) alternative for 2010 is the site of the first rendezvous - Port Browning...Not the best toilets but a good spot to visit, to clear customs (Bedwell is around the corner), to provision and to race...
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    Happy VEGAtarian Christmas

    Just a short note to all my VEGAtarian friends that monitor this site regularly. Putachieside is undercover, mast unstepped and in the heated shed for the winter (jealous). I have taken the hard dodger and all the hardware off the deck in preparation for minor repairs and repainting. I have...
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    2004 VEGAtarian Rendezvous

    Hello All: There seems to be some confusion regarding the Pacivic Northwest Rendezvous...I realize that Otter Bay was the original choice but I was unable to secure the berths. So let me state clearly...The 2004 VEGAtarian Rendezvous will be held (once again) at the outpost of debauchery...
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    John Sprague

    Hello John: I took the liberty of uploading two picutures of your boat (look in photo section)when you were on your sabatical many years ago. I found the pictures accidentally on a site advertising a dingy tow...Cheers...Brian - V1039
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    tiller pilots

    Hello fello VEGAtarians. You would not believe the weather here in British Columbia. I am looking out of my office at the north shore mountains, little snow, sunshine, about 10 degrees C. Are my thoughts on sailing or what? Thinking of purchasing a tiller pilot. Looked at an Autohelm 1000...
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    Lyra - 1039

    Lyra is for sale... New - VHf, Autohelm,Depth Sounder,Compass, Upholstory, Dodger, Window Seals. Two burner Origo, SS Barbeque, Force 10 wood heater rebuilt. Hard dingy with sailing kit and 2 hp outboard. Roller Furling - Main Halyard, Jiffy Reefing Lines led aft to cockpit for ease of...
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    Albin Parts

    Fellow VEGAtarians: For all of you that cling to the 021 / 022 gas engine / Combi connection...check out the following for parts. Call Gladys at: AME Ship Equipment Inc., 3464 N.W. North River Drive Miami, Florida Phone: 305.635.2401 Fax: 305.634.1291 She has assured me that they stock (or...
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    Shameless VEGAtarian

    It seems that fate has decided that a Contessa was not in the cards for me at this time. The individual that listed the vessel changed his mind and so I will continue restoring Putachieside. Moving on...the Rendezvous. Peter posed some questions regarding the location. The Newcastle Island...
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    Putachieside - Vegas and Friends

    The new folder is up...check out the proposed Rendezvous for 2005 and perhaps Secret Cove, for those willing to venture farther up the coast, in the years to come...Please add any photos you wish to this folder as it is meant for VEGAtarians and Friends...Brian