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    Refinishing cabin sole

    Rather than hijack ktm500mx's thread, I'll start another. Question is a little different. H 29.5. Pulled up cabin sole (plywood w/teak and holly veneer) to re-glue and refinish. It looks to me as if teak oil is the only finish this sole has ever had. No evidence of ever having varnish or...
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    H 29.5 Fuel system

    There have been some discussions of fuel tanks, filters, etc., in recent months, and since I recently had a problem with mine I read all the posts I could find going back several years. All very good advice and helped me service mine. So, I am going to post my experience with the H 29.5...
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    Another Dinghy Floor Question

    Have a Mercury dinghy w/inflated floor. Looking to protect floor from dog claws. Has anyone installed a temporary hard floor in a soft floored dinghy w/good results? I am guessing that chafing the floor or tubes could be a result if the wrong material is used. TIA for any info.
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    sailing videos

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    Aux OB on H29.5

    Thinking about installing a small outboard on my 29.5 as a backup to the Yanmar 2GM20F. Anyone have an aux OB installed on the 'sugar scoop' type stern? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.