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    Hatchway slides - teflon UHMW tape

    Catalina 30 - 1989 Only a few pieces of the original teflon tape that the hatch slides on were left when I bought the boat last year, and those pieces quickly came off. The gel coat had worn off, exposing the fiberglass from the sliding friction, and making the hatch hard to slide. Obtained...
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    Exchange Jib lines?

    Have two 64' lines in very good condition, and each has a SS Snap Shackle. Too long for my jib, and too short for halyard (need 100'). Any ideas on where / how I could exchange? Not trying to use this as a "For Sale" post, just wondering if there are some sailboat specific sites that folks...
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    Circuit Breaker not breaking - ETA

    Have ETA Circuit breakers in my panel, and was finding they were NOT breaking when I had excessive loads, and wire was getting hot on the panel. Figured breaker was bad. Had no problem getting new ones (Allied Electronics), as specs are on each breaker. ETA also has a chart explaining the...
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    Reef Hooks

    Two quick questions - saw / read the other discussions. Appreciated the info and links. Have an '89 Cat 30. Which hook would be most suitable to replace the reefing lines and wheels? Was going to get three, should the third one go on mast end of boom, or mast itself? These are from...
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    Cleats on bowsprit

    Have seen cleats on bowsprit (other boats, not Catalinas, yet). Thinking of adding them as secondary / backup to bow port and starboard cleats. Hate the idea of single points of failures in a slip, during a storm. What have people done on their bowsprit? What are cautions? Should dock / piling...
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    Bulbs needed for Head and Galley

    Anyone know where I can get bulbs for these lights? I called a couple of places, and they had bulbs of this form factor, with the four pins, but said they were for 120v, not 12v. Am not sure that is correct. There is a 12v wire going into these fixtures. Is it worth trying to find bulbs, or...
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    Shout out to Weems & Plath

    Recently bought an older Catalina 30 which was equipped with a matching Weems & Plath clock and barometer mounted in the salon. Were these factory installed by Catalina? Neither were working, so replaced the battery in the clock and now keeps perfect time. Saw where Weems & Plath has a...
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    Innovative Storage Ideas?

    Am sure this has been talked about, but unsure what to search under... New to me boat. Closet near v-berth was taken over by AC unit. Looking for ideas on what others have done for personal storage throughout the boat. Starting with clothing, but also all-around storage. It's just me, so...
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    Updating Interior w LED

    Have an '89 C30. Cabin lights are square plastic boxes with traditional lights. what have folks done to update to LED? would like to do more than just change bulbs. Thx