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  1. outwardboundguy

    Bene 361 Looking for parts in all the wrong places

    I know there has been past threads on parts. I am getting ready to close on my boat Wednesday. Another restless night, so I got up and read more threads. It seems there are a lot of things the Beneteaus could have done better. Goes for any boat in such a harsh environ. Now the question...
  2. outwardboundguy

    Looking for a parts dealer for 2001 Bebeteau 361. I am Eastern NC. Thanks

    Looking for different parts for the boat i just bought. Stern light cover, some rigging, cockpit inserts ect. Thanks
  3. outwardboundguy

    Green as a granny smith apple /starting a 2001 Bene 361

    I am purchasing a 2001 Bene 361, I've read the owners manual and I still have no idea of how to set the batteries switches, what the little red handle is for or any other starting procedures. Is there a reference I can read or does someone have the time to talk with me? Owner is gone, baby...