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    Good day, Sailors. Charter question about berths

    Weighing my options on a possible trip to the BVI. The only space left on a 45' catamaran is a the "BERT" or Crew Cabin. One is a gear locker the other is a "bunk". Has anyone stayed in this type of room to give me some insight to what to expect? I guess there is a bunk bed and the entry is...
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    Drill into my traveler bar?

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    High winds

    What causes you to think you need to adjust your rake and tension shrouds? I was unable to tack. My guess is too much reefing. I was sailing Beam Reach, Starboard Tack and my tiller was all the way to the port side. I would have to jibe to change my direction. I experienced this a month...
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    High winds

    I will look into this, I need new halyards.
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    High winds

    I need to tighten my shrouds and adjust my rake.
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    High winds

    Maiden sale went great, I actually reefed too much. Lots of heeling and fun to be had. Thank you for the insights.
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    Drill into my traveler bar?

    Hello, I have been stewing over this idea for some time. Tell me what you think Catalina owner. I need to install a traveler car for the mainsheet and the cleats to go with it on my 1974 22. I'd like to avoid drilling more holes in the fiberglass. The traveler kit is quite extensive with...
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    Traveler bar

    What's the deal with a tiny 2' traveler bar in my boat? Is 1' in either direction, adding twist gonna really help me sail up winds? Is it mainly used for light wind? Do I really need a traveler car? I have these old circular clamps to keep my main sheet shackle in line but in heavy winds I would...
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    High winds

    Tomorrow, I skipper! Maiden voyage, 15 ish wind speeds. I am in a Catalina 22, 1974. I plan to start out with a storm jib and reefed. I heard if I need to drop to one sail I should drop my main and just use the jib. Is this correct? I sail at 11...
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    1/4" Halyard comfortable?

    I have 3/8" line installed on my Catalina 22. CatalinaDirect is suggesting 1/4" for both my halyards. Will I regret stepping down to 1/4"; will I notice a difference?
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    Remove glue from fiberglass?

    Do you have a place you purchase from? Is it called MEK?
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    Swinging off the mast

    OH MY!!!! this is gonna be great
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    Swinging off the mast

    Spinnaker flying ! I will look into it. Thank you
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    Swinging off the mast

    The halyard also spun around the mast when I let go(1st picture). I pulled the jib halyard outside around the side stays( bird eye view- 2nd picture). The last picture is ideal swing mount and possible crows nest to jump from. I guess heavier cable and more support on chain plates? I...
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    Swinging off the mast

    Moonlite sail, 3 am in the morning. I also failed to perform a backflip cause I didnt feel like bunching up quickly. I did corkscrews in but fell like a rollerskatet each time as I hit the water. Ill get some paint and boat pictures with some arrows. Can you imagine some pumping action on a...
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    Swinging off the mast

    Anyone seen someone swing from the mast? I turned a 25 Catalina jib halyard into a swing. I was told the boat shook in unnatural way when I departed the line. The halyard also spun around the mast when I let go. The swing itself was kind of vine like swinging. I swung out around the object...
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    Tohatsu Sailpro Review/Log

    So I purchased a propane model.... it does not start for women. There is a diaphragm that I cannot over come. I broke it in on land, then no start just backfires/sputters. This engine now has its own webpage. The two qualified boat shops I have taken it to works fine for them. Men have more pull...
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    Different types of rope

    Been kept out of the sun. What is the super stiff rope for? Did the oil anchor rope for some reason?
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    Should I replace my tiller?

    Its a fire poker now. The good peeps here led me to greener, newer, tiller pastures. She's pretty but at 5 months old Im already seeing a haze and I have had a cover on her. Too old of a cover or did I varnish wrong?
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    Hand rails on bow catalina 22

    I was thinking of cedar but I wonder about strength. Gonna call a wood shop and ask about psi.