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  1. Shoaldrafter

    Hey Joe, Saturday Fishing

    Hey Joe, check out saturday fishing: Ed K
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    Take a vicarious sail in Mediterranean

    Richard is from Portland, Oregon. He sails the Mediterranean about twice a year. He is in his late 80's ... Ed K
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    A topic for discussion that evolves and changes each year. Here is a web site that offers some educational information. May the force be with you... Ed K
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    Nor'east Sailors

    Over on the Roger Long page of this web site is an esspecially good post about sailing to Wood's Hole... Ed K
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    Sailors on the Cutting Edge

    Roger and Brian, two sailors on the cutting edge. Great picture of tool in use and great reference web site: It was said in Roger's post, "One of the things Four Points and I discussed on our passage from Atlantic City to...
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    Sailing into the night ...

    Here is some music to sail into the night with: Book X Homer "Nine days and nine nights did we sail, and on the tenth day our native land showed on the horizon. We got so close in that we could see the stubble fires burning, and I...
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    Roger the gambling man

    Roger, You should have stayed at Trump... Across the water... Ed K
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    Starter discussion from Roger Long's page

    Maine sail, I would post this as reply to your post on Roger's thread about starter but it touches being political. You said, "They've been good to me but IMHO Gary is a little over worked and Rick probably needs to get him some help... " Boating is seasonal and sailboat owners for the...
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    Where is brand specific forum for this boat

    Where is brand specific forum for this boat? Enjoy a vicarious sail... Ed K
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    Long Sander

    I have been asked what I meant by long throw sander. Well as usual, my term is not common usage. What I meant is what is called long bed sander. A long bed sander is described in this ad: The tool described is air drive long bed sander. I have...
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    Roger, So, you are checking out: Lots of docking... lots of bugs in season on mooring side of river... Going to visit Pacific Seacraft factory? You would need car, but nice family restaurant in Chocowinity (sp) just south on old hwy 17... or at least there...
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    Anchored in Ashley River?

    Is Strider anchored in Ashley River? is the attached picture using the camera on the mega dock 'Strider'? Ed K
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    Coosaw River

    Has facebook reported that the sailboat by the charted obstruction in Coosaw River really did not hit it and just anchored near it? Has he finished breakfast? Hauled in his anchor(s). We sit here waiting for real...
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    setting anchor?

    Is Roger Long setting anchor in Coosaw River? See Roger Long on Strider Ed K
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    Check out Roger Long

    Hey, Check out Roger Long on Strider: He is in South Carolina! Ed K
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    Missing Beneteau 36

    Guys, Has this been discussed on this forum? See this tread: Ed K O'Day forum
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    2,000 eyes needed

    Guys, Over on "Ask All Sailors" forum is a question which has not been answered. Go look at the thread and associated threads: Add your comments on where he should look, post comments to other forums on which you may be on...
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    Web Site to keep Captain Fuzzy Face Busy

    Here is Web Site to keep Captain Fuzzy Face and other land locked sailors busy: Enjoy! Ed K Picture of northeast sailors:
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    Cruisers say good by to swimming in Florida Keys

    Snow birds and cruisers can say good by to swimming in Florida Keys. See this post: Elsewhere in south Florida, they have been found to eat alligators... Are swimmers next? Ed K
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    American Product Testing

    See how American's test a boat before buying: Ed K