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  1. CalebD

    Wind event Lake Travis, TX 2/25/13

    I know that there a bunch of lake sailors here and there are many types of lakes and many kinds of sailors. Some of you might know that Lake Travis is just outside Austin, TX and a few may know that they have been having bad droughts there in recent years. I met a fellow who keeps his boat...
  2. CalebD

    Newbie with no experience buys big boat

    I'm reading this book: Fun read. Every couple of months someone asks if they can buy a boat with no experience and do some serious cruising. Not something I would do but everyone is different. This guy did it and really barred his soul...
  3. CalebD

    Nice run up the Jersey coast for Roger & Four Points?

    Just checked the spot beacon on Roger's website. They seemingly had a good run up in the Atlantic to nearly Gravesend Bay in Brooklyn. I suspect they may be headed for Raritan Bay to wait for the mornings favorable tides for going up the East River. Mostly westerly winds to help push them up...
  4. CalebD

    Tricky reverse gear on Universal 5424

    In less then a week I'll be visiting a friends 32' Endeavor that has a U 5424 engine with wheel steering. Last year when I visited the transmission was fairly reluctant to engage in reverse gear as simply moving the shift lever to reverse was often not enough and revving the engine would...
  5. CalebD

    Recommendation for mid-Chessy charter co.

    I hope to be joining some friends on a long weekend cruise in May/June that we have been doing for a few years now. My friends boat is only 32' so we are looking into chartering another sailboat in the +/- 30' range so we might accommodate up to 8 people in total. Does anyone have any...
  6. CalebD

    Free O'Day 25' in NH, craigslist

    I came upon this on another forum: Not my ad and no connection. 'Free' sailboats are generally anything but free as this one may not have an engine OR a trailer.
  7. CalebD

    More of an insurance discussion then a lawsuit one.

    While lawsuit questions seem to be all the rage right now I thought it might be good for me to look at one of the potential law suits I have turned my back on so far. Setting: new keel boat owners (don't ask, I'm down to one partner at last) pays for mooring rights at Steppingstone Marine in...
  8. CalebD

    Living aboard in ME this winter

    One of our esteemed members here is living aboard his boat this winter up in Maine. I think he may be a bit modest and has not advertised a local news/lifestyle segment that was done about him and his wife so I will post the link to the piece...
  9. CalebD

    Site Talk - Quality Assurance

    I really like the look and feel of the new SBO website so I want to try to help out. I found what I thought was a problem with the Classifieds - Gear Ads section and thought I should post it over in the 'Site Talk' forum, which I did. Now the forum list shows that my post is there but when I...
  10. CalebD

    New website - Classifieds/Gear Ads

    When I click on Classifieds then Gear Ads I get ... the forum selection list. Perhaps this feature has not been implemented or converted from the old site yet? Still, nice upgrade as I learn to use it more. "Can I tow my boat with my car?" - Nice touch Mainesail
  11. CalebD

    Cetol finishing products for the home.

    I am not sure if this should be in the 'sails call lounge' forum but it is related to maintenance of a home if not a boat. I just noticed that a lumber yard in my NY area is carrying a line of Cetol products that are intended for use on the home (see link below). I asked the 'paint guy'...
  12. CalebD

    Free charts available for downloading and printing

    I take no credit for creating this link. Someone over on sailnet posted about this. If they scanned them it must have taken a boatload of time. I also found this over on the cruisers forum (csbb) which is way cool (nautical charts superimposed on google maps)...
  13. CalebD

    There is an interesting discussion about fear at the cruisers forum - CSBB

    The entire thread is worth reading with (surprisingly) very little name calling or flaming in it. Many of the people posting over there have been across several ponds and eventually been caught in situations where any reasonable person would probably be terrified. It is my belief that most...
  14. CalebD

    Nav. question sort of. Not another one!

    If you were in the ARC race and you pulled up a NOAA 24 hour wind/wave forecast that looked like this: You were around 19 N Lat and 43 W Long and headed for St. Lucia from the Canary Islands. Look carefully at the map at approx location 15 N lat and...
  15. CalebD

    Marvel Mystery Oil question for diesel owners.

    After reading all the posts on Startron diesel additive (biocide etc) and the discussions of ULSD (ultra low sulphur diesel) and loss of lubricity from this process I was wondering if any of you with diesel engines use Marvel Mystery Oil as a fuel AND oil additive as I do on my ancient Atomic 4...
  16. CalebD

    Overcharging Golf Cart house bank batteries?

    I checked the archives on this subject but I am not quite sure that I got all the subtleties so I am posting this rather long winded question. I was helping a friend with a new to him Endeavor 32' and one of the tasks I did was to replace the two 6V golf cart batteries. I got GC 15s to replace...
  17. CalebD

    Help Peggy! The usual stinko problem.

    A friend recently bought a 1980 Endeavor 32' that we overnighted on at Harness Creek (South River, MD) last weekend. It was a big step up in comfort from his old Hunter 25' in terms of cabin space and he wants to do more comfortable cruising with his spouse. The problem was that whoever...
  18. CalebD

    How long is your boat commute?

    For those of us that do most of it ourselves it is usually quite important how long it takes to get to your vessel to work on it or use it. This question is directed mostly at those of you who do NOT pull your boat on a trailer into your driveway or garage for the winter but keep your vessels...
  19. CalebD

    Uniden Solara DSC VHF radio rant

    I am in the process of installing this new VHF in my boat. I was planning on using my Garmin GPS 76 to plug into it to allow the full functionality of DSC. When I unpacked the radio on the boat I noticed that there is no jack provided for plugging the GPS in. WTF! All the engineers at Uniden...
  20. CalebD

    Moor Analog Knotmeter, any negatives besides it

    not being digital and linkable with autopilot which I dont currently have? I know that this is kind of a bottom fisihing product by the price compared to Raymarine and Simrad etc which are interlinkable. I have a nice but older (1967) Tartan 27 and while I would love a tiller pilot I am not...