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  1. redege

    Overprotection of prop (too much anode) on BENETEAU Oceanis 351

    I decided to dive and take the prop off to re apply Prop Speed protection. I brought the prop to a prop specialist and he told me I should get two years protection out of Prop Speed. Other people in my marina also tell me this. I get a maximum of 6 months protection before the barnacles take...
  2. redege

    extra winches on Oceanis 351

    I'v just ordered 2 new Hutton (Australian made) 40ST winches to improve handling on the 351. Looking forward to installing them to add to the 2 "standard" winches. I have decided to place them up front, in place of the locking genoa rollers. I know a lot of you will be saying "place them aft"...
  3. redege

    Steering cable Oceanis 351

    This happened 6 month ago, but I thought I'd share this with you. Coming back through the Seaway in 15 knot wind and 2.5 meter swell, fighting the massive current, my boat suddenly aimed for the rocks. My steering was not responding. The rudder kept me in a full starboard turn as the engine was...
  4. redege

    extra winch in oceanis 351

    Hi! My oceanis 351 came with 2 lewmar self tailing winches, and at times I would really like another one, especially on the port side, since that is where it seems to be needed most. Has anyone added a winch here, and what would be the best place for one? Mounting it seems to be difficult...
  5. redege

    oil for yanmar 3gm30F

    Just bought my first boat. Loving it and getting to know it! My question is the yanmar has Shell Rimula R3 X 15-40 as it's oil. Should I continue using this oil or am I better of to change to something else? Engine seems to run fine, and only a bit of smoke on max rpm.. thanks!