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    Anchor Locker size '86

    I hoping to upgrade the factory 4 or 6 lb danforth style anchor in my 86, whatever size came from factory. I am wondering what size/weight you are using that fits within the anchor locker. Unfortunately, I'm not at the boat and was asked for a Christmas ideas. What better than new toys...
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    New Catalina Owner

    1168 miles later, I am the new owner of a 1986 Catalina 22, Sail #13577. After about 6 months of looking, and several heartbreaking missed opportunities, I finally found the boat for me. I had been scanning the local classifieds for months until the end of last season. Once everyone in Maryland...
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    Trailrite trailer help

    Hi all, I'm rebuilding a 1983 Trailrite trailer for a Catalina 22. The trailer has drum brakes which look to be in good condition. Currently, the tongue has a non-hydraulic brake actuator coupler. It seems there aren't any options for the 2 1/2" tongue. I, even ordered the DA66B from...