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    Good day, Sailors. Charter question about berths

    Weighing my options on a possible trip to the BVI. The only space left on a 45' catamaran is a the "BERT" or Crew Cabin. One is a gear locker the other is a "bunk". Has anyone stayed in this type of room to give me some insight to what to expect? I guess there is a bunk bed and the entry is...
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    Drill into my traveler bar?

    Hello, I have been stewing over this idea for some time. Tell me what you think Catalina owner. I need to install a traveler car for the mainsheet and the cleats to go with it on my 1974 22. I'd like to avoid drilling more holes in the fiberglass. The traveler kit is quite extensive with...
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    Traveler bar

    What's the deal with a tiny 2' traveler bar in my boat? Is 1' in either direction, adding twist gonna really help me sail up winds? Is it mainly used for light wind? Do I really need a traveler car? I have these old circular clamps to keep my main sheet shackle in line but in heavy winds I would...
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    High winds

    Tomorrow, I skipper! Maiden voyage, 15 ish wind speeds. I am in a Catalina 22, 1974. I plan to start out with a storm jib and reefed. I heard if I need to drop to one sail I should drop my main and just use the jib. Is this correct? I sail at 11...
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    1/4" Halyard comfortable?

    I have 3/8" line installed on my Catalina 22. CatalinaDirect is suggesting 1/4" for both my halyards. Will I regret stepping down to 1/4"; will I notice a difference?
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    Swinging off the mast

    Anyone seen someone swing from the mast? I turned a 25 Catalina jib halyard into a swing. I was told the boat shook in unnatural way when I departed the line. The halyard also spun around the mast when I let go. The swing itself was kind of vine like swinging. I swung out around the object...
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    Different types of rope

    Been kept out of the sun. What is the super stiff rope for? Did the oil anchor rope for some reason?
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    Hand rails on bow catalina 22

    Looks for semi old ones to sand down and varnish. Mine were to far gone.
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    I have a black type resin coming in through my sidestay into my cabin.

    I thought ir was rust but it is black and the drops harden. Do they put grease around the bolt when the bolt is installed into the fiberglass? Curious what I will find when I remove the bolt. Should I tie off my side stay to keep some sort of tension when I work on the bolt in the deck?
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    Id like to thank the Board of Governors...

    For attending my cribway completion project. Thank you. Thank you. Without this forum's support this would not be possible... Quick questions. Is it a cardinal sin to to varnish teak? I still have small holes in my companion way. Is there something else to make the companion way water/wasp tight?
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    I have two scuppers right next to each other. Perhaps after market. They seem to be letting water in rather than venting the bottom of my boat. Your thoughts? What the heck is going on with this tubbing? Keep gear dry and put water at the bottom, kinda of pass through scheme? Catalina 22
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    Is a interior mast pole done at this stage?

    Suppose this boat has been sitting with water in for a year. Does the interior mast pole need replacing? I'm thinking this pole connects the deck mast the the keel correct? This is the second boat I've seen with the interior mast sitting in water. Is this a "back away from this one" scenario?
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    Are these blocks rebuild-able?

    A rivet here, a bearing there? I was gonna just buy but it looks like I'll have to rivet what I buy to my old slide assembly anyway. Ideas? Better part, ideas? 22 Catalina, jib sheet block.
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    Whats the deal with this Italian marina?

    My friend found a marina over seas. The marina is missing "fingers" in between the boats. Do they drop an anchor then back up to the dock? Looks tricky. Perhaps they are mooring type things for front of the boat?
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    Sail color scheme

    Most boats have white sails with colorful spinnakers. I have lucked out with a colorful jib. Is there a reference online for catalina sail colors similar to hobie sail color guides found online? I am looking for a color scheme name for my jib sail. My current color scheme on my boat is tricky...
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    V-bert supports needed for strength?

    Does the plastic laminated wood between the v-berth and the main cabin act as structural support for the boat? If they are required can I remove one while my boat sits in a slip, one at at time to replace with a laminated plywood, probably would be missing for a week. It would look good if I...
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    Varnish...laminated wood?

    Id like to spruce up my cabin. Is it unheard of to lay a coat or two of varnish on laminated wood for shine? Table, stair step (would add sand if needed), mast support and laminate between v-berth and main cabin. Is this a terrible idea? It would look great if it was all shiny.
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    Keel cancer?

    First cleaning of my keel, she has knuckels on her. Looks like the bumps under the paint of vintage autos. The bumps protrude out about 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch. Also reminds me of a pizza out of the oven with bubbly cheese. Catalina 22. Will the bumps affect my raising of the keel into my...
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    Good lead for hydrohoist info

    Slim picking so far on hydrohoist info. So far all I can find on this mobile device are demos. Looking for those trouble shooting vidoes/posts and explanations of how things work. Does a hydrohoist move water or air? Does it move water in and out of tanks with a water pump or move air in and...
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    Think this will work for mast climbing??

    I will try tomorrow with rubber shoes.