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  1. markwesti

    Another battery question , ahem

    Recently I had a battery charger installed on our boat , the electrician and I started on with the operation and I forget why but I checked the voltage on the battery's . The house bank (open flood) was at float 13.2 and the starter batt. (sealed acid) was at 12.7 . The charger we were replacing...
  2. markwesti


    I have been using BoatLife , i'm over it . What stuff do you people use ? i'm looking to seal up stuff like a cap rail and hatches that are made out of teak . I have been looking at Sikaflex Construction Sealant and Sikaflex 291 , also I need it in white and black . Thank you . Mark . Caprail...
  3. markwesti

    PS 25 4 sale

    Mods I see I'm breaking the one rule this forum has . I'm sorry for this , this is not my boat and I don't know the owner . The reason I'm posting is to possibly benefit someone here , to me this is a lot of boat for a little price . Also to me this is a good deal if you are a DIY type . Mods...
  4. markwesti

    Combiner / isolator ?

    This is embarrassing , 25 yrs. ago when we first got our little Westsail it needed a bunch of stuff done . I hired what I thought was a competent shop , turned out not so much . I got sold some things that I didn't really need or they never worked right . Over the yrs. I have gotten rid of...
  5. markwesti

    Vented loop

    Just installed a Jabsco head , cleared out lines and replaced some . I removed the 25 yr. old Raritan PH II , it was still working but getting hard to turn the flush/dry dial also needing a sip of veg oil almost every day . I could have rebuilt it , but it was time for new . Anyhow the reason...
  6. markwesti

    Aussie sails from down under to Long Beach , Ca.

    I haven't had time to read the blog. A friend of mine met this guy by chance on 3-7 , he talked with the guy and heard some of his story . It's pretty wild , when my friend met this guy he had just sailed in and was tying up . Anyhow here's the blog . PS I'm not advocating for his solicitations...
  7. markwesti

    In the Yard

    This pic was taken about 5 yrs. ago . Good news is blisters have not come back ! Lets see your yard pic .