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  1. nfg2u

    Legend 35.5 (1990) Traveler

    Does anyone have drawings for the traveler on the 35.5? I know that some folks here have some great documentation. Thanks in advance. Steve
  2. nfg2u

    12v EMP

    Has anyone ever installed a 12v EMP to protect from lightning strikes? I have seen these on the market. I am asking as I just lost another $1000.00 to lightning. Every storm now I get anxious waiting for the axe to fall. I hate spending so much time getting all my electronics working only having...
  3. nfg2u

    In San Diego this weekend.

    Hi All, I am in San Diego for the weekend and would love to get out for a day sail if anyone is in the area and going out this weekend that needs a hand or some company. Please PM me. Thanks, Steve
  4. nfg2u

    Gloam Goods

    I am looking to purchase a new Tach sensor for my Yanmar 3GM30F and I found this in a google search. Has anyone ordered from this company. Sometimes when deals are to good to be true, they are to good to be true. The are listing the part at about 70-100 dollars less than anyone else. Here is...
  5. nfg2u

    35.5 Sette Table slider stuck

    I have a 35.5 that I purchased with the settee table that would not move up and down on the compression post. I have disassembled the table and see the corrosion on the compression post. I don't want to beat on the table bracket to loosen it. Does anyone have any experience with this bracket. I...
  6. nfg2u

    Edson Drive Wheel Replacement

    I pulled the Edson Drive Wheel off my 35.5 Legend today. There was corrosion around the block on aft portion of the wheel where the cables attach to the wheel. There was more corrosion in the bolts holding the drive wheel together. In the process of removing the wheel there were cracks in the...
  7. nfg2u

    1990 Legend 35.5 Holding Tank

    Here is what the holding tank looks like that came out of my 1990 35.5 Legend. I just want to say that I read the book " Get Rid of Boat Odors " and took all the advice. I had very little clean up after I removed the entire sanitation system. My new holding tank showed up today. :-)
  8. nfg2u

    Legend 35.5 keel issue

    Is this where the keel attaches. Just on the hard and seeing where it looks like its debonding at the seem. Is this normal? Thanks