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  1. AZimmerman

    Cal 2-25 Galley extension

    Thanks! I drew up some quick plans in CAD and then just did a drawing in photoshop to make sure what worked on paper would look *right* installed.
  2. AZimmerman

    Cal 2-25 Galley extension

    Just wanted to share a little progress on my winter project to extend the galley on my 1979 Cal 2-25. The project will add a lot more storage and counter space as well as give me a nice spot to install my single burner butane stove where it can be on a gimbal. I had to sacrifice a little seating...
  3. AZimmerman

    New to me Cal 2-25

    New Cal 2-25 Owner (too) Can't help you directly on finding the replacement rub rails; I just wanted to weigh in and say hello. I just bought my 2-25 about a year ago and have been going through my to-do list. Congrats on the new boat!