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  1. gdudik

    Sailing and restoring "Avalon" - 1984 C-22 #12640

    You two need to come down to Tomahawk Bay marina and hang with fleet #20 sometime. 6 cat 22s racing every Thursday night thru the summer.
  2. gdudik

    Sailing and restoring #9874

    Just went thru this thread. Lots of sympathy on the bow repair. Been there, done that, also decided to work from below. Your repair is much nicer looking than mine.
  3. gdudik

    Thankful much?

    A shoutout to the Portland State University Intercollegiate Sailing team, where I learned to sail on the Willamette River, and eventually ended up being Commodore of. Little did they know how much money they’d end up costing me.
  4. gdudik

    Yet another thread about Butyl rubber...

    I sealed all the fittings with Bed-It on my foredeck after the deck material rotted and I replaced it. Oozed out a little on first tightening, removed with a razor, retightened, removed with a razor, that was it. Raced all season, now boat is back on my driveway. We’ve had our first freeze and...
  5. gdudik

    Its funny Friday!

    There’s nothing funny about that post at all. :(
  6. gdudik

    Fast or Furious?

    I learned to sail in college, racing FJs all over the pacific NW. Eventually became commodore of the Portland State University sailing team. I had a buddy from high school who had joined and he told me it was a good time; come on down! Sailing dinghies on the Willamette river makes you a...
  7. gdudik

    Assortment of cheap fixes on Cat 22

    I normally do this with trailer lights which are built to provide the minimum legally required light. Stupid lens optics. 50s technology.
  8. gdudik

    Maintaining Volvo M.D. 2020

    Oooh....I got a headache just thinking about that stuff. A favorite of the Portland State University sailing team. (Drinking team with a sailing problem.)
  9. gdudik

    Embarrassing Experience With my Windlass!!

    Great advice. I normally use a zip tie because I’ve had string get eaten in my parts washer.
  10. gdudik

    Maintaining Volvo M.D. 2020

    Coolant pressure tester. Rent from auto parts store. Attach to pressure cap. Pump it up and watch for pissing coolant.
  11. gdudik

    Thats a wrap....2018 season officially over for me.

    BMW’s and sailboats have a lot in common! They’re quirky, rarely intuitive to repair, have bizarre fasteners, and parts are expensive and hard to come by!:biggrin:
  12. gdudik

    Aluminum Paste, ever work with it?

    I can SO sympathize with this. Also true with #2 Phillips heads. I’m swimming in #3s
  13. gdudik

    Aluminum Paste, ever work with it?

    9/16” and 14mm and 7/16” and 11mm don’t really cross over either. Good way to strip bolt heads.
  14. gdudik

    Aluminum Paste, ever work with it?

    Funny because, while I am American, spending all of my 20’s working on late model vehicles means I can look at a metric head bolt and tell you what size it is (hex AND threads) but if you give me an SAE bolt, I’m screwed. Because 10mm is SO common, my brother actually got me this shirt because...
  15. gdudik

    Chance it or replace

    Sounds like a sh***y place to have a problem!;)
  16. gdudik

    If you can't do this you aren't a sailor. ;)

    Always heard it was called a “winter” bowline—makes it so the tail doesn’t freeze in the knot and become difficult to undo.
  17. gdudik

    To Drone or not to Drone?

    I think the real question everyone should be asking themselves is: “do my deck-mounted guns have enough elevation to bear on the drones I’m likely to encounter?” :D
  18. gdudik

    Aluminum Paste, ever work with it?

    A wise friend of mine once said, “there is nothing so permanent as a temporary fix”
  19. gdudik

    Bargers at the start and a protest

    I’m EXTREMELY familiar with that one:biggrin:
  20. gdudik

    Bargers at the start and a protest