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  1. Laid-back

    Hunter 50 / 49 oil change pump

    My new to me 2011 Hunter 50 has an installed electric pump that drains the oil from the engine and generator. When decommissioning for hurricane season, I could not determine how to get power to that pump. I turned on all 12 v breakers with no luck. I ended up hot wiring the pump directly to a...
  2. Laid-back

    Fisher Panda mini12 coolant leak

    My Fisher Panda Mini 12 sprung a leak in the stainless steel fresh water cooling pipe coming out of the heat exchanger. The hole is right at the 90 deg elbow. I am getting it welded. There is no coolant system cap on the generator. Is the system refilled fro the expansion tank only?
  3. Laid-back

    Hunter 49 / 50 mattress measurements

    We finally closed on our 2011 Hunter 50 aft cockpit. I won’t be able get to the boat for a few weeks and want to know if anyone has the dimensions for the mattress in the front cabin. We would like to get a mattress topper for it.
  4. Laid-back

    Hunter 49 performance

    I am considering purchasing a Hunter 49. Would appreciate any input from owners as to sailing performance as well as the importance (or not) of having the upgraded engine size. Thanks
  5. Laid-back

    Hunter 49 keels

    I understand that some, but not all Hunter 49 models have lead keels. Does anyone know what year/draft versions have or don't have them? I have received inconsistent answers from brokers.