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  1. fullbore

    Is there access to nut for bolt that holds the headsail traveler track?

    Boat is Beneteau 323. Couldn’t find in thread search. Had to remove end “stopper” from both sides, now need to access under deck area to find and reattach nuts to respective Allen bolts.
  2. fullbore

    Zinc anode life, use of hanging zinc?

    Zinc anodes on B323 erode quickly, don‘t last a season. 1 ) Anyone else experienc this? 2) Anyone use hanging zinc anode to lengthen useful life of shaft and prop anodes? 3) Are mast and shrouds adequately grounded for “easy“ to hang anode (by clamping to shroud)?
  3. fullbore

    Delivery “skipper” effed up original jib on B323

    Finally saw the jib on the new-to-me boat. In addition to tears due to loose furl, it has (what appears to be) bottom paint on it, and tears in the lower middle! She‘s 2004 with new main in 2014, so I’m preparing myself to replace the jib (along with main infurl and main traveler lines)...
  4. fullbore

    B323 Headsail

    Another chapter in me new to me boat: delivery captain left boat with jib loosely furled,. When I drove there 2 days later,, 2-3+ feet of leach were torn and flying in the wind. Tears are past UV and into sail material. Boat had fueling problem and died, so skipper stopped, (Sunday morning). I...
  5. fullbore

    B323 fuel pickup

    New to me 2004 B323 suffered fuel issues in delivery. The supposed 3 day trip took 11 days, due to 2 engine failures that stranded crew. (First skipper idled engine while sailing to ”charge batteries” even though alternator belt was very loose). Had two different diesel mechanics, one at each of...
  6. fullbore

    Mainsail furling line.

    Looking to start replacing running rigging on new-to-me B323. The existing mainsail furling line is 3/8” three-strand, all others lines in the cockpit are braided. Should i replace with braided or stay with three-strand? If braided, would 5/16” work better in the furler screw? TIA for your input.
  7. fullbore

    Fuel valve location

    New to me, Beneteau 323. Wanted to change fuel filter, but didn’t find the fuel valve. Didn’t see it near the filter nor ”upstream“ from the filter. It must be somewhere, right? - else how do you replace fuel filter without making stinky mess?
  8. fullbore

    Boats not winterized

    As newbie, wondering what risk there is to a sailboat in the water being exposed to deep freeze temps. It’s at Kemah Texas, on south side of Houston Texas. Forecast is for temps in the 20s for 24+ hours. Decades ago, had boat in northern state, but it was winterized and on the hard every...
  9. fullbore

    Transom shower Beneteau 323

    Looking for hose, handheld, and esp. cover.