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    Catalina 30 Mk II engine dying in rough seas

    When I bought my boat, I removed the center fuel level circular sending plate, which was quite easy. Then used a plastic stiff siphon / pump from Amazon, and was able to pull a LOT of "gunk"; algae and other sediment that I was told the additives produced, by properly doing their job. Stiff...
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    Hatchway slides - teflon UHMW tape

    Catalina 30 - 1989 Only a few pieces of the original teflon tape that the hatch slides on were left when I bought the boat last year, and those pieces quickly came off. The gel coat had worn off, exposing the fiberglass from the sliding friction, and making the hatch hard to slide. Obtained...
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    What would you do?

    When I see oncoming, my concern is that there is nobody at the wheel, as I've seen that occasionally after crossing. So I assume it could be on autopilot, and navigate accordingly.
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    Did the 30 come with roller furler?

    Doesn't it depend on the year?
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    Exchange Jib lines?

    Never learned a bowline as an Eagle Scout. But every sailing class teaches the bowline. Heck, my boat even came with a waterproof knot tying book ;)
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    CNG Tank + Gas

    Geez. Just make the change and have one less thing to worry about. I bought a special (smaller / pancake) tank to fit in the stern of the cockpit, and had to buy a "special" cover from Catalina Direct to fit the storage box. No longer a worry. Depending on stove / oven use - might have to...
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    Exchange Jib lines?

    Wow - a lot of worthwhile insights. Am in no hurry, and hate to just "part out" nice lines. The dinghy option makes some sense in my case - need to make a bridle. Or just wait it out on Craigslist and eBay. Thanks everyone! Mike Oh, WHO said "learn to tie a bowline"? Kind of inappropriate...
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    Exchange Jib lines?

    Thank you everyone. Must be spinnaker lines. Boat is 30'. Came w my boat, which has no spinnaker hardware. Appreciate the info. Off to ebay, describing them correctly ;) Maybe a past owner had plans?
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    Exchange Jib lines?

    Have two 64' lines in very good condition, and each has a SS Snap Shackle. Too long for my jib, and too short for halyard (need 100'). Any ideas on where / how I could exchange? Not trying to use this as a "For Sale" post, just wondering if there are some sailboat specific sites that folks...
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    Setup for mounting dinghy to stern?

    Sorry, you were talking about the whole dinghy. I was thinking you were just trying to mount the engine, as I am. I use a bridle to pull behind.
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    Setup for mounting dinghy to stern?

    I've been working on reproducing an older wooden mount I saw on another boat. Decided to see about one for sail. Check out I'm going to check with them tomorrow.
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    Circuit Breaker not breaking - ETA

    You're right at that load, based on the graph. Thanks for straightening me out. I'd run it for.many minutes in my test though, and it didn't trip. I'll run it for a longer period, ti see when it breaks. Maybe old one, which never tripped is bad, due to age. Still surprises me that it will run at...
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    Circuit Breaker not breaking - ETA

    Have ETA Circuit breakers in my panel, and was finding they were NOT breaking when I had excessive loads, and wire was getting hot on the panel. Figured breaker was bad. Had no problem getting new ones (Allied Electronics), as specs are on each breaker. ETA also has a chart explaining the...
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    Cheapskate Wifi Extender

    Glad it worked for you. I bought that unit, and tested it under an ideal environment, and speed was MUCH less than without it. Simply returned it.
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    '89 Cat 30' Gulfport, FL

    '89 Cat 30' Gulfport, FL
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    Ignition switch headache...

    This dialog was very helpful. A hot wire shorted and melted some wires at the instrument panel when I turned the key. No serious damage, as I smelled it and turned it off immediately. But obviously had to replace and rewire some wires. Was surprised the a fuse didn't blow somewhere, before...
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    Reef Hooks

    @jssailem thx for your reply. I get all that. It's what's on the boat now. Have only had the boat for three months. Boats I've had before had only hooks. Third one was at the mast. I like the hook system. It's quick, and works for me. Slack the main, hook at mast, hook at reef point, tighten the...
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    Reef Hooks

    Two quick questions - saw / read the other discussions. Appreciated the info and links. Have an '89 Cat 30. Which hook would be most suitable to replace the reefing lines and wheels? Was going to get three, should the third one go on mast end of boom, or mast itself? These are from...
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    Anyone in Tampa, FL (Pinellas County) that might look at a Catalina 30 for me?

    Sorry to hear that. Yes, I've read boats are moving fast, since so many activities are restricted. I'm in Pinellas County, and just bought a Cat 30 a few months ago, after looking at a lot of boats. Let me know if another one shows up here.
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    Anyone in Tampa, FL (Pinellas County) that might look at a Catalina 30 for me?

    Sure. Call or text me. Mike Cook 678 463-8938.