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  1. Pat Hooyman

    Removing v-berth bow wood panel on a Hunter 38

    Has any one removed the bow wood panels at the front of the v-berth on a Hunter 38 or similar setup? I want to gain access to the inside of the bow on my 2007 Hunter 38 to do some fiberglass repair of the bow above the waterline but below the anchor locker.
  2. Pat Hooyman

    Furling Main Winter Storage

    Have a Hunter 38 with in mast main sail furling in northern Michigan. When I cradle the boat over the winter can I keep the main in the mast or should I remove it and store it in my basement?
  3. Pat Hooyman

    Solar Installers in SW Florida

    We have a 2007 Hunter 38 that we want to put solar panels on this December while the boat is in the Fort Meyer Beach area(or in the Keys if things are back up after the hurricane) prior to a cruise to the Bahamas in late January. Can anyone recommend installers to contact who service the Fort...
  4. Pat Hooyman

    Fresh water manifold connection loose

    My 2007 Hunter 38 fresh water connection for the vanity has come loose from the manifold. I pushed it back in but it doesn't lock. How do these lock? What is the purpose of the small white ring on the fitting? Thanks
  5. Pat Hooyman

    Removing and reinstalling vinyl cloth headliners

    I need to replace the stanchion base on the mid port side of my 2007 Hunter 38. To do this I need to remove the cloth headliner above the galley cabinets for access to the stanchion base bolts. What is the best procedure to remove the headliner and successfully reinstall it?
  6. Pat Hooyman

    How many sailors does it take to change a light bulb?

    I want to replace the incandescent bulbs on my 38 with LED's. I cannot figure out how to get the lens off one of the fixtures - see attached picture- hoping someone has done this before.
  7. Pat Hooyman

    Fresh water gauge not working

    The fresh water gauge on my 2007 Hunter 38 suddenly stopped working - The waste water gauge does work. This is a gauge that can switch between the two tanks. Has anyone experienced this and any suggestions on troubleshooting?
  8. Pat Hooyman

    Whisker pole for H 38

    Does anyone know what length/size whisker pole is needed for a Hunter 38 with a 110% jib?
  9. Pat Hooyman

    Start Battery Test Button

    Attached is a picture of the Parallel Start/Charge Circuit Panel located under the nav station seat on my Hunter 38. Does anyone know what the "Start Battery Test" breaker is for? The manual says nothing about this.
  10. Pat Hooyman

    Location of Echo Charger on Hunter 38

    I'm trying map out the charging wiring system on my 2007 Hunter 38. Does anyone know where the Echo Charger is mounted?
  11. Pat Hooyman

    Replacing Radar Cable on a 2007 Hunter 38

    I am replacing my existing Ray Marine Radar with a Garmin unit. This requires that we pull the old cable from the mast to the helm and run a new one. Has any one done this on a Hunter 38? Can you tell me where the cable runs once it exits the mast below the deck? We tried pulling up the...
  12. Pat Hooyman

    Stolen C120 raymarine classic

    So someone stole my instruments from the binnacle while in the slip. Looking for s replacement Raymarine E or C120 raymarine classic if your upgrading and have an old classic let me know.
  13. Pat Hooyman

    CO2 Alarms on Huntet

    Leave my 2007 Hunter 38 in the slip with shore power. When I return all three of the CO2 detectors are beeping every thirty seconds indicating "trouble". Any ideas? Is it low voltage (house batteries show 12.5 volts on my return) or have all three detectors failed simultaneously?
  14. Pat Hooyman

    Man Overboard Pole

    Has anyone found a good way of mounting the MOB Pole, Strobe and Horseshoe Buoy on the back of a Hunter Aft Cockpit Arch?
  15. Pat Hooyman

    Mounting MOB Equipment

    MOB Equipment Has anyone found a good way of mounting the MOB Pole, Strobe and Horseshoe Buoy on the back of a Hunter Aft Cockpit Arch? Planning on entering the Harvest Moon Regatta and need to get some saftey equipment installed. Suggestions welcomed. Thanks
  16. Pat Hooyman

    furlex line guard jam

    I have a Furlex 200s furler on a Hunter 38. I have, on several occasions, had the furling line jam between the bottom of the line guard and the furling drum. When this happens it is very difficult to clear since the line guard housing does not allow access to the furling line, drum or guard. I...
  17. Pat Hooyman

    Removing headliner on a H38

    I have a stain coming through the vinyl coated fabric headliner in the main salon of my H38. I want to pull the headliner to examine this but am hesitant to do it without knowing if this can be done without further damaging the fabric. Has anyone pulled the headliners to inspect behind them...
  18. Pat Hooyman

    Doyle Full Batton Main Roller Furling

    Full Batten Main Roller Furling Jamming Would like to start a discussion on others experiences and best practices. So I have a H 38 with the Doyle full batten main installed. I had a lot of trouble with it jamming. I finally had UK Halsey in Kemah Texas rework the sail. I had them put a...
  19. Pat Hooyman

    Review of H26/260 in Boat US magazine

    There is a nice review of the H26/260 in Boat US magazine see As the owner of a 1998 model (maybe the last 26 at the factory before the start of the 260) it is nice to see our boats being recognized under the heading "Classics"at last!
  20. Pat Hooyman

    Furling Main Jam

    Our furling main jammed - it is a Selden mast with a Doyle vertical batten main on an H38. First it jammed at the leech of the sail about half way up the leech. Past that point it would not unfurl - the foot came out but the leech stuck at the top of one of the vertical battens and the sail was...