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    It is that time of year when our babies are either sitting in the frigid waters of their docks, surrounded by 3/4 horsepower de-icers if your lucky, or your sitting on the hard waiting for a little warmer weather to start some of those projects you promised yourself you would do before the new...
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    Every single time I change the oil and fuel filters on my engine, M-20, I end up with a mess. For this winter haul out, I got all my parts ready, plenty of rags and oil cleaner. First the fuel filter. It lays horizontal. Easy to come off but getting it past the accelerator cable bracket and...
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    I have seen two ways of of attaching the jib sheets to the sail. One where two identical lengths are used with bolens through the clew cringle. The second way I have seen is to have one sheet, folded in half and threaded through the cringle and then looped. Which is better and why?
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    FreeJib Sail

    Location: Hockessin, DE US Phone: 3022341131 Leave msg I have one Hank On Jib for free. You pay shipping or you can pick up. It measures: Luff 33 8 Foot 15 5 Leach 29 8 Condition: used, but still very crisp. Some age stains. No repairs. No rips. Head, clew and tack cringles are leather bound...
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    My new main sail arrived today. It's loose footed, versus my original bolt roped. Looking up the differences on line I have found much information, with the greater pros to the loose foot over the fixed. Any wisdom from the group as to good, bad or indifferent?
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    After completing a good cleaning, applying lubricant and rebuilding my winches, upon re installing the the self tailing bracket, I realized I did not take a picture or note in which direction it should be pointing. Can anyone help me in this matter. So I can understand any and all placement...
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    My long smoked plexi glass windows on my O'day 30 CB are cracked and leaking. Nothing major, just enough to be very irritating. I think my local glass shop can provide me with the replacements if I supply him with a card board pattern. What is the best sealer to use. My last sealer was life...
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    So way back when, before Covid19, I asked the forum for anyone who might have personal knowledge with an O'Day 30 CB Some folks replied, but since sending PM's out, no one has replied My CB is stuck in the stored position (Up). I understand that it is easiest to drop the board when on the hard...
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    With the recent and latest cleaning efforts, I have found quite a bit of belt dust on the engine. I believe I have my pulleys lined up. The tension according to the manual is correct. All the pulleys match as in the width and depth of the groove. I ask the list, is there something I have missed...
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    While I let the third helping of Pecan Pie settle, I thought I might just put something out there that I recently found by chance. Once again, I changed my oil on the M20, this time as part of the winterization process. I used the oil extractor like I always do. Thought I got it all, however the...
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    Stanchion Talk

    I need to remove all the bases for my stanchions so I can re bed the bolts and stop water from coming trough into the cabin. On staring at a few of them, I noticed water in the base where the stanchion post slides in. Has anyone drilled weep holes to let the water out? Or is there an better...
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    Who among us is sailing with hank on jibs. My brand new auto pilot, not even used yet had to go in for a recall for a version upgrade, and it came back broken. Took it to the boat to reinstall the ACU 100 unit and the bloody thing doesn't even light up. So it's on its way back to Flir/Raymarine...
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    I've finally gone sailing with my 30 Oday. I put the Vang on, had a great day. Put the hook down, stowed the sails and settled in for the night. Went to open the center hatch and the Vang is in the way so I can't. Anyone else experience this. Are you all removing the Vang in order to open the...
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    Where do you put your plexi glass cabin slats while sailing. Mine fit between the hand rail and the companion way slide, however I always have this awful feeling that they are going to end up in the water. I'm sure you all have your spots, I just cant find one that I comfortable with.
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    Stuck Transmission Plug PART DEUX

    The manual states to use type A or Dexron ll grade automatic transmission oil. Neither are available in any of the automotive stores. The closest I've been able to find is Napa Premium ATF Dexron lll. Its the next generation but not synthetic. Anyone know the answer
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    Yep, I rounded off the bolt that is the fill plug. Why its not a plastic unit with a dip stick like on a car, is beyond me. So, I'm asking the "go to guys" on this list what to do. If I apply heat, will there be damage to the transmission? I don't know much about how they work, but if there are...
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    Once this pandemic is over and recreational boating and crossing state lines is again allowed, i'm going to have a maiden voyage under sail. It will be the first time I will sail with a hank on jib. My boat came with two jib sails, a 130 and a 90. My previous boat had a Roller Furler, so it was...
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    I went down to the boat to do a few scheduled jobs. Easy ones: Caulk the windows, remove and replace the raw water pump and check a cockpit support beam for measurements for replacing it. Well I started with the raw water pump, which on the M-20 works off the cam. Looking at it, it's a simple...
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    I had installed a Blue Seas ELCI unit as suggested by the Surveyor, to meet the AYBC codes. It worked fine for nearly a year. Two weeks ago, I was down at the boat and it was cold, so I was running two heaters. After a while, the cabin was filling with electrical smoke. I manually flipped the...
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    I'm getting ready for the upcoming season. There is a large price difference between a racor T12R and a no name brand. Any thoughts as which way to go? They sure look like they would do the same job?