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  1. Red_Dog

    1984 (not Charubini) Hunter 30

    Recently a 1984 Hunter 30 showed up at the pier. Both the owner and a second friend here at the marina tell me it is not a Charubini hunter. does not have this boat in their database. I would swear it is a Charubini with one difference. The Charubini has a perpendicular cabin...
  2. Red_Dog

    Hunter 28.5 water tank repairs

    The Gel-Coat in my water tank has been flaking since I bought my 28.5. I need to do some thing about it. I thought it was on this this forum that I read a thread of some one else in the same situation. After searching, I couldn't find it. Who else has done this repair on their Hunter 28.5? How...
  3. Red_Dog

    Does Anyone Have a Web Address for Ida Sailor rudders

    When purchased my Hunter 28.5, the boat had an Ida Sailor Marine rudder. It was installed by a PO four PO's ago. I love the rudder. But, I'm looking for sales brochures, construct information and the like for Red Dog's documentation. Surveyors get this wrong and list it as foam filled (they...
  4. Red_Dog

    Would You Use Biodiesel if Available

    I just finished reading an article on Reuters regarding several US petroleum companies aggressive build-out of biodiesel facilities. They want to beat the Canadians for the biodiesel market. Would you use biodiesel?
  5. Red_Dog

    Questions About Composting Toilets

    I've been doing some research on composting toilets. However, the re-fit of my head is a couple of years away (The laminate used by Hunter is chipping and flaking.). As a Great Lakes sailor, I like the idea of a compositing toilet. No more limitation of my holding tank. No more trips to the gas...
  6. Red_Dog

    Full Batten Main Sail.

    I replaced my 35 year old partial batten main sail with a new full batten this year. No matter what trimming knowledge, tricks or just experimenting of rigging adjustment I try, I can't get the top of the sail to twist for me. I'm I missing something?
  7. Red_Dog

    Installing an Electric Bilge Pump

    A friend of mine has asked me to install an electric bilge pump for him. That in and of itself is not a problem for me. I can do that. Currently he has a manual whaler-type bilge pump located in his aft lazarrette, I suggested, and he would like to, to keep the manual pump for redundancy. I've...
  8. Red_Dog

    Diesel Won't Start - Completely Frustrated.

    When Red Dog splashed 27 May, Rocky had no issue with the diesel starting. Hey, it was in my slip when I got there - life it good. Rain kept from going back out to the boat until the 31st. Puttered around, and then thought let's start the engine. Nothing, nada, zilch, no idiot lights, no sounds...
  9. Red_Dog

    Capabilities of the Hunter 28.5

    I'd like to read some anecdotal "data" on the capabilities of the Hunter 28.5. While the knowledge and skill level of captain and crew do play a large part under what conditions you feel comfortable sailing your boat, I'm looking for a sense of just how far I could push the boat. How many years...
  10. Red_Dog

    Okay, I'm Officially Stumped.

    I finished the charging system wiring Monday - came up one ring terminal short. Tuesday, went back and completed everything. Minor glitch with the connection to the battery charger; a just enough lose connection at the charger. Connected the boat to shore power, turned the AC main on, no smoke...
  11. Red_Dog

    24 AWG Wire

    I do not like radio/navigation device manufacturers. Has anyone found first, a stripping/crimping tool for 24 AWG wire? How about butt connectors and ring terminals? I'm currently soldering all my 24 AWG connections, except for ring terminals, I double strip the wire - using a razor knife - and...
  12. Red_Dog

    Battery Charging System - Am I Correct?

    I'm installing a refrigerator into my Hunter 28.5. As with projects of this nature, I opened a can of worms. Adding the refrigerator draw into my energy consumption calculations - guess what - I need new, larger A/Hr batteries. Yeehaa! I'm not putting $580.00 dollars worth of batteries into the...
  13. Red_Dog

    "The time has come," the walrus said, "to speak of many things . . ."

    In this case, it's boom vangs, main sheets and travelers. Ok, I think I've got an understanding those controls - boom vang, down wind, controls horizontal angle of the boom. - sheet controls twist of the main sail - traveler controls the angle of attach for the main sail - topping lift, not...
  14. Red_Dog

    I need a slower boat.

    I will say I was warned. Cliff Ruckstuhl told me how fast this boat could go. Yesterday, I was out in 10-12 knot SSW winds. Head up, Red Dog was feelin' her oats. And this isn't the first time. But I was keeping an eye on the log meter vs GPS SOG. Now, I'll let you interpret this as you wish. At...
  15. Red_Dog

    Big OOPS! Now a new pulpit

    The gas dock and I had an argument and the gas dock won. The wind, of course, was on the gas dock's side. That didn't help. The pulpit took all of the impact from the dock post. It's badly beat up. No structural damage to the boat though. Good. However, my '86 Hunter 28.5 - Red Dog - is in need...
  16. Red_Dog

    Main sheet purchase ratio for a Hunter 28.5

    Got home from the boat this morning after two wonderful days of sailing. My main sheet though is driving me nuts. Actually all of the running rigging and tackle needs replacing. But I'm on a budget here, and the main sheet is the most annoying right now. The current setup is a two line 4:1/8:1...
  17. Red_Dog

    Jib sizes

    When I purchased my 28.5, it came 3 jibs, a 150% on the installed roller, a 110% hank on and a third hank on that I was lead to believe was working jib. To start with the 150% on the roller and I could not come to mutual understanding. It came off and is now relegated to the basement. After...
  18. Red_Dog

    Time to rebuild the head pump?

    A couple of weeks ago I closed up the boat to come home. I left the boat with the with the head pumped dry, pump lever in the closed position and the raw water sea cock shut. When I returned, the head was filled with . . . maybe you can guess. I thought,"Oh, the tank must be full." So I motored...
  19. Red_Dog

    Bus bar for NMEA 0183 connections

    As I have several gizmos that share information via NMEA 0183, I was considering using a bus bar to interconnect the devices. Thoughts . . . Alec
  20. Red_Dog

    Gratitude and indebtiness . . .

    I spend a great deal of my time here not logged-in, but skimming through topics and reading those that have piqued my interest. Because of this habit, I recently - as of today - solved an electrical issue that came to the fore because "all" I wanted to do was install a nav/com circuit. When...