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  1. Mickey84H34

    new(used) sails for Hunter 34 (with a shortened mast?)

    I'm hoping to save some $ by going with a used sail for our Hunter 34 and I'm wondering how the B&R rig comes into the equation. Since the rig keeps the mast in a permanently arched condition it seems important that I get a sail that takes that into consideration. Wouldn't a sail made for a...
  2. Mickey84H34

    holding tank fills itself

    The holding tank on our Hunter 34 keeps filling up with sea water while we're away from the boat. We're in a marina so the pump-out seacock stays closed all the time and the sea water intake for flushing gets closed whenever we leave the boat. What could be going wrong?
  3. Mickey84H34

    Replacement parts for a shore power connector

    I have an '84 Hunter 34 and the threaded ring on the shore power connector has broken. It's a separate part that is held in place with three small screws but I have no idea who manufacured the shore power connector. I hate to replace the entire connector at about $150 when all that's broken is a...
  4. Mickey84H34

    Parts for a shorepower socket

    The plastic threaded ring on our 30A shorepower connector broke and I'm hoping that parts are available to replace the broken piece rather than replacement of the entire socket. It's a 1084 H34 if that helps. Anybody know where I need to start looking? The broken part is on the socket that's...
  5. Mickey84H34

    Alternator not charging

    We recently replaced the original alternator on the Yanmar 3GM in our Hunter 34 with a high output version (I think it's a Hatachi). The wires all seemed to match up with the exception of an extra single yellow wire on the back of the alternator. It doesn't appear that we are getting any juice...
  6. Mickey84H34

    ST4000 heading is 180 off

    We installed a newer control head for our ST4000 autopilot and the displayed heading is off by 180 degrees. I double checked the wiring at the head and it's correct. Never had this problemm with the old control head and we haven't changed anything on the flusgate compass. Any ideas on how to...
  7. Mickey84H34

    how many teeth on a 3GM30F

    I'm from Mississippi so no jokes about missing teeth here. I'm rebuilding my instrument panel with Teleflex gages. Their tach uses the factory flywheel pickup but I need to know how many teeth the 3GM30F flywheel has to set up the tach properly. Anybody Know the answer?
  8. Mickey84H34

    Yanmar instrument panel overhaul

    The Yanmar 3GM30F instruments on my 84 Hunter are well worn and I'd like to replace everything but can't get much advice on replacements. I've sent email to 2 Yanmar distributors with no reply. My questions are about the oil pressure gage and the tach. I'd like to replace the tach with one that...
  9. Mickey84H34

    Can't edit user name

    The email regarding the new site and login info indicates that we should be able to edit our user name through the "edit your profile" feature but that doesn't seem to have any provision for editing a user name. Am I missing something?
  10. Mickey84H34

    How tall is the Dorade vent guard?

    I'm 3 hrs from my boat so can anyone tell me how tall the space is between the dorade base and the guard that goes over the top of the dorade vents on a Hunter 34? I don't want to buy a vent that's too tall.
  11. Mickey84H34

    Autopilot shear pins

    Today I contacted Raymarine about availability of the shear pins used in the engage lever on ST4000 wheel pilot units. They no longer stock those parts but he told me they were 1.5 x 8 mm. I checked McMaster-Carr and they only go down to 2mm in stainless metric but they have 1/16"x 5/16" in...
  12. Mickey84H34

    Who sells ST4000 drive belts?

    removehtml]I'm having trouble finding a source for the drive belt for my ST4000 autopilot. I cam across one Web site that said Ratheon doesn't make ther drive belt for the MK-I (black ring) wheel drive units anymore so you have to spend $500 upgrading to the MK-II (grey ring) unit. Anybody know...
  13. Mickey84H34

    Trying to clean up weathered anodized rubrails

    The grey anodized aluminum rub rails on our Hunter 34 are pretty roughed up and need some welding repair in a couple of spots. If I can't figure out how to clean them up they will be the worst looking part of the boat when we reassemble everything. Since having a 32 ft long piece of aluminum...
  14. Mickey84H34

    Which Maxwell winches were used on Hunters?

    Allen Hutton at Australia Yacht Winch Co. has offered to provide diagrams for any Maxwell winches that we are interested in if we'll just indicate which models we need. I'm attaching the diagram that he provided for the model 20 2-speed non-geared winch that I'm cleaning up for our H34. AYW Co...
  15. Mickey84H34

    preventing galvanic reaction between SS fasteners and aluminum hardware

    We're doing a total top-to-bottom paint job on our Hunter 34 and have removed a lot of aluminum hardware that was fastened with SS bolts and screws. Almost all of them had that white powder associated with galvanic reactions. When we get ready to reassemble everything what can we put on those...
  16. Mickey84H34

    Can anybody post a diagram of a Maxwell 20 (not 20A) winch

    I have 2 maxwell 20 winches (not 20A as shown on the Hunterowners Web) and it appears that a bushing is missing on the central shaft for both winches. Does anyone have a diagram for one of these? It's a 2-speed winch but isn't geared like the 20A.
  17. Mickey84H34

    Can anyone ID this pedestal?

    Can anyone help me ID this pedestal and find instructions on disassembly? It wasn't original to the boat I removed it from and there are no markings in the casting that I can find. The brake knob is seized so I need to get it apart for repair before I repaint and install. I'll make another post...
  18. Mickey84H34

    Replacements for fixed ports

    We're doing a total overhaul of the exterior of our 1984 H-34 and have already purchased powdercoated aluminum portlights that have a polished aluminum appearance. Now those old plastic fixed ports look horrible. I've come up with a design for an aluminum replacement that would be a bolt-in...
  19. Mickey84H34

    Need help repairing a Merriman Pedestal

    The base on the Merriman pedestal on my '84 Hunter 34 is corroded to the point of structural failure. Does anyone know if the base on these is a separate part from the 4" column? Does anyone know if the base for an Edson is interchangeable? Does anyone have an old merriman pedestal that would be...
  20. Mickey84H34

    Am I the only one having trouble with forum search

    The last few times I tried to search this forum I got nothing related to what I searched for. Am I the only one having trouble? Just for kicks I decided to do just what the example on the forum main page indicated when it said "If you search for the word ANCHOR it will show you every page with...