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  1. chrisings

    Relocating Engine Instrument Panel

    Thanks, will do!!
  2. chrisings

    Relocating Engine Instrument Panel

    Good day all. Haven't posted in a while but I'm looking at a major project. Relocating the engine instrument panel on our MKI from the "almost on the deck" location to the seat back/coaming. Tried searching the group but didn't find anything. If you've done this project please share your...
  3. chrisings

    That Aqua Lift Muffler..........

    Ah, I see now, a picture's worth a thousand words...... The "pipe" in your photo, attached to the muffler, is NOT black iron, it is all fiberglass and that is exactly where the failure usually occurs, I know it's where mine failed. If that is your intake hose the other end of that rubber hose is...
  4. chrisings

    That Aqua Lift Muffler..........

    Yes, it appeared to be black iron pipe. I do not believe it is fiberglass wrap however, more of a heat tape like they use on motorcycle exhausts.
  5. chrisings

    Pressure washer damage to teak?

    I see I'm late to the party but.....when we purchased Trinity 5 years ago the teak looked very similar. I wire brushed as much finished as I could off, cleaned with a commercial teak cleaner and then applied 10 coats of Epifanes Rapid Clear. Wasn't perfect but it's held up fairly well. This is...
  6. chrisings

    "nanny cam" or outdoor webcam on board

    Hey folks, Question; we live 2 1/2 hours from our marina and have kicked around the idea of installing a weather proof web cam on outside of the boat. Would be nice to "check in" once in a while. Our marina has pretty decent wifi. Any input would be appreciated, especially if you've done this...
  7. chrisings

    Being towed experience

    Sounds like semantics to me. Call if a "right", "rule" or "responsibility" under normal circumstances we should give way to a vessel under tow is the way I read it. And as I said, I now know first hand just how restricted one of these Sea Tow boats is with a 30' sailboat in tow. This is from...
  8. chrisings

    Being towed experience

    So, it finally happened. I had to bite the bullet and call Sea Tow. I think I could fixed my issue (a fuel filter problem) but my daughter was on board with our grandkids (one who is 10 months) so rather than bob around just outside our busy channel, while I putter around on the engine, we...
  9. chrisings

    Am I supposed to have bow rollers?

    When anchored I ALWAYS secure the rode, before it enters the rollers, to one of the cleats taking any strain off the bowsprit.
  10. chrisings

    Am I supposed to have bow rollers?

    We have the same set up and were missing the rollers when we purchased the boat. I went to West Marine with a tape measure and found a roller in the trailer aisle that measured just right. Installed a pair 5 years ago and never looked back. Of course that did involve re-engineering the wrong...
  11. chrisings

    Transom Ladder Required?

    When I first started sailing, 30 some years ago, I took a local USPS basic safety course. At the time we owned an O'Day 272. My mentor for the course gave me these words of wisdom; on a nice, warm, calm day, jump overboard while at anchor (not in a marina) and see if you can get back on your...
  12. chrisings

    Catalina 30, MKII main sheet routing

    Owner's manual might not help, the one I have does not show the main sheet routing, but this page from the part's manual might help.
  13. chrisings

    Working with VHF cable RG 213

    Thanks for the input folks! Ran the wire up the mast last week and it went far easier than I could have hoped for. Now to run the wire inside the boat to the radio, hopefully next weekend.
  14. chrisings

    Working with VHF cable RG 213

    Good day forum folk, This weekend is mast work, since it is still un-stepped from winter storage. Going to replace my VHF antenna cable with RG 213 (let's not make this about my cable choice, I know, LM 400 and all that but I got this stuff cheap and it's a lot better than what's there now)...
  15. chrisings

    Cat 34 in Practical Sailor

    Well look at that.
  16. chrisings

    Engine Oil

    Another vote for Rotella 15W-40 here. Used it for years with no issues.
  17. chrisings

    Air filter replacement

    I did it about 4 years ago. Ours works great too.
  18. chrisings

    Transmission Oil

    Type "A", Dextron II, III, etc. should all be reverse compatible. Type "A" is the generic name, Dextron the GM trademark. The fluid has been upgraded through the years as transmissions (read car transmissions) have become more complex hence the suffix II, III and so on. So in other words if a...
  19. chrisings

    So, lets talk anchors

    Mantus for us, Fortress as a backup/lunch hook.
  20. chrisings

    Cutless bearing replacement questions

    I did mine 2 years ago. Our cat 30 is a good bit older then yours but I'll briefly detail my experience in case you need to go this route. Our prop shaft was hopelessly frozen to the coupling so I decided to go all the way, new shaft and coupling along with a dripless. Cutting the shaft was...