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  1. chrisings

    Relocating Engine Instrument Panel

    Good day all. Haven't posted in a while but I'm looking at a major project. Relocating the engine instrument panel on our MKI from the "almost on the deck" location to the seat back/coaming. Tried searching the group but didn't find anything. If you've done this project please share your...
  2. chrisings

    "nanny cam" or outdoor webcam on board

    Hey folks, Question; we live 2 1/2 hours from our marina and have kicked around the idea of installing a weather proof web cam on outside of the boat. Would be nice to "check in" once in a while. Our marina has pretty decent wifi. Any input would be appreciated, especially if you've done this...
  3. chrisings

    Being towed experience

    So, it finally happened. I had to bite the bullet and call Sea Tow. I think I could fixed my issue (a fuel filter problem) but my daughter was on board with our grandkids (one who is 10 months) so rather than bob around just outside our busy channel, while I putter around on the engine, we...
  4. chrisings

    Working with VHF cable RG 213

    Good day forum folk, This weekend is mast work, since it is still un-stepped from winter storage. Going to replace my VHF antenna cable with RG 213 (let's not make this about my cable choice, I know, LM 400 and all that but I got this stuff cheap and it's a lot better than what's there now)...
  5. chrisings

    Cat 34 in Practical Sailor

    Well look at that.
  6. chrisings

    A precautionary tale or shore power near disaster.

    For reasons I don't need to go into here, we were never able to sail Trinity this season, sadly, she didn't once leave her slip. Upon disconnecting the shore power last month, in preparation for haul out, this is what we found. A VERY overheated plug and inlet. After reading Maine Sail's posts...
  7. chrisings

    My winter cover

    Thought I'd share. Built a frame using Kover Klamp products this year. So far I'm happy. We'll see how it endures after a few years.
  8. chrisings

    Cabin top winch relocation

    Has anyone relocated the starboard side cabin top winch, the one we use for hoisting the main? On our 1983 MKI it's location is too close to our dodger frame making it impossible to rotate the winch handle 360°. I was considering remounting it more inboard. It seems like a fairly easy project...
  9. chrisings

    Chute Scoop Rigging question

    Hey folks, Our Catalina 30 came with a spinnaker which we have never used, never really looked at it before. With a few seasons under our belt we're more confident and thinking about playing with it. It has a Chute Scoop and I can't for the life of me figure out how to rig it. Please take a...
  10. chrisings

    Boast and Brag

    I just have to boast and brag about the admirals recent work. She made a sail cover! And what a wonderful job she did. Up next, bimini and then the dodger.
  11. chrisings

    Oh those "previous owners"

    As a precautionary alert, and okay, a little bit of a rant, you never know what previous owners may have done. Here we have the tee fitting for the double sink drains on our Catalina 30. As you can see a PO, instead of taking the time and effort to properly install the hoses on a proper tee...
  12. chrisings

    What the devil is this??

    So, this is a, big, beautiful sailboat in our marina. It's on the hard and has this little, bitty sail hoisted on what appears to be a head sail halyard. What's the point? It can't be more than 1 or 2 square foot. and why is my photo 90 degrees off??
  13. chrisings

    That Aqua Lift Muffler..........

    Why oh why would someone epoxy the aqua lift to the hull??????? I thought I had a good plan going to repair the thing. I was going to try Mark Hamilton's nicely detailed repair on the Cat 30 owners site. Well that's out the window, next weekend I guess I bring the sawzall and try not to sink the...
  14. chrisings

    CD replacement lights

    Has anyone used these and if you have what are your thoughts. Looks a fairly inexpensive solution to the crummy RV lights.
  15. chrisings

    Virtual Moral Support with my rigging

    The yard stepped our Cat 30 mast early and we did not have our bimini frame mounted. Of course the back stay goes between two of the bows so to put it on now the back stay needs to come off. I have assured the admiral (dear wife) that the main sheet halyard, properly secured to one of the stern...
  16. chrisings

    Replacing fresh, potable, water hoses

    Good day wise forum folk, One of this springs projects on our 1983 Catalina 30 is to replace the potable water hoses. The current hoses appear to be original and when we replaced the pressure pump last year I discovered all sorts of nasty inside the hoses. Also, it appears one of the hoses in...
  17. chrisings

    Americas Cup coming to NYC

    I'm finding myself looking forward to seeing these boats in person next weekend, 5/7-8. Anyone else going? Any local advise about viewing?
  18. chrisings

    NMEA 2000 help!!

    Hoping some of you might have some experience with a unique issue I'm having. I am trying to convert my Cat 30 to a NMEA 2k system. The boat currently has a nice Airmar P79 "in hull" depth transducer installed however it is a Garmin 6 pin, not 2k. I've been googling but can't seem to find if...
  19. chrisings

    Repainting boot and cove stripe

    So, we're repainting our stripes. Honestly, a lot of work (elbow grease kind) but, I think, coming out nicely. If you're considering it I would be happy to answer questions.
  20. chrisings

    NMEA 2000 install

    Hello folks, I'm crawling into the 21st century and installing NMEA 2k on our MkI cat 30. Looks like a fairly user friendly process but got to me thinking "where should I install the backbone?" So, if you have NMEA 2k on your cat 30 where is yours? My initial thought was under the aft quarter...