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  1. Phil V25

    Age 70 and still sailing

    I'm in my early sixties and have always dreamed I'd be sailing well into my seventies. Well shit happens and cancer has prevented me from sailing for the last three seasons. I'm still hoping to get out there yet. Moral of the story: sail early and sail often, you never know what lies ahead of...
  2. Phil V25

    Strictly Sail Chicago trip

    Leaving for Chicago tomorrow. Taking Amtrack out of Osceola early on Wednesday. Looking forward to being around sailors again. I just hope the body will hold up. Hope to see a few trailer sailors!
  3. Phil V25

    Strictly Sail Chicago

    Cancer Sucks I am so sorry to hear about your recent cancer diagnoses. I am sure your mind is working overtime dealing with this new journey in life. I hope your treatments are successful and keeps you sailing into the future. Phil Brown Cancer Survivor - 14 months
  4. Phil V25

    Strictly Sail Chicago

    After getting the latest good news from my oncologist we decided to celebrate with a trip. At first I thought about going some place warm, but most of those places were to far away and/or to expensive. We have talked about Strictly Sail - Chicago as a fun thing to do for many years. We decided...
  5. Phil V25

    wifes hatting the boat

    My wife loves to sail even more than me, but she hates rigging and launching. I couldn't ask for a better sailing partner. We learned to sail together and once I get well we will be sailing together again.
  6. Phil V25

    Sailing days are over - for good!

    Eleven months since the cancer diagnosis. I've had four major surgeries, many hours of recovery and rehabilitation and I'm left with a body that aches all the time and I have multiple lifting and bending restrictions. Mis'Adventure has not been wet since June 2010. Last weekend while visiting...
  7. Phil V25


    On Saturday October 23 I had emergency surgery to remove my T-5 because of cancerous growth. The Renal Cell Carcinoma had spread from my right kidney. This Thursday they will remove the kidney. Please think of me and my wonderful wife on Thursday. I have adopted a new slogan: "it is what it...
  8. Phil V25

    Sailing class caused extra work

    Please explain in more detail your problem I've been sailing my V25 for nearly seven years now and I don't understand your problem of "ineffectual" rudder. Do you always drag your motor while sailing?
  9. Phil V25

    Keel angle

    V21 Keel The keel is at an angle to the stern. See attached file
  10. Phil V25

    Headsail rigging question

    This is what I use
  11. Phil V25

    21 ft mac water in cockpit

    My simple fix I took a plastic coffee can lid, cut a slit to the center and carved a small hole the size of the cable in the center and slid into place. Kept most of the splash water out of the cockpit.
  12. Phil V25

    Safety harness on a dinghy?

    This is a dingy not a micro cruiser I've sailed (and still do) a Flying Junior (FJ) and it is very similar to your boat. I goofed up last weekend and capsized it for the first time in 20 years. The last thing I'd want is to be clipped into the boat, just get a good life jacket and wear it all...
  13. Phil V25

    Flying Junior rigging - don't know the right forum

    Join this Yahoo Group The Flying Junior class is dying in the USA. Too bad its a great little boat. This Yahoo site has taken over as the main communication source for all FJ material and they have some manuals on the site. Also check out this old FJ...
  14. Phil V25

    Buying a 25 ?

    Trailer bunks Based on your photos I'd replace the trailer bunks before moving it to far. I remember a guy here who punched holes in the bottom because the bunks were rotted.
  15. Phil V25

    A question of paranoia.

    My last experience at the Apostle Islands was that everyone was friendly. The only ones that have ever given me any concern were power boaters in a narrow channel and the speed they feel they need going around me. BTW I believe your friend may be showing signs of Alzheimer's. They exhibit...
  16. Phil V25

    Help me understand, please

    I've been reading some of your comments and..... I'd suggest a much different approach. Why not start out much smaller and see if you really want this hobby of sailing. My first sailboat was a board boat made by Snark (later AMF) called a Mach II, it was very much like the Sunfish with simple...
  17. Love at first sight

    Love at first sight

  18. Phil V25

    What Now?

    Oh yeah. Well we finally have the Emerald Ash Borer and I have two ash trees in my front yard and there's not a damn thing we can do about it!
  19. Phil V25

    Help needed.

    Welcome Aboard Bill On my old V21 I had a 9.9 HP and it was more then enough power. Others have used smaller and did OK. According to MacGregor the boat is rated maximum at 10 HP (I suspect it has more to do with weight). I would go with the "long shaft" and I'm not sure is that means 20"...