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  1. stevec22206

    Boat mover

    I can also recommend Derek and SMS. They moved our boat last fall and did a superior job.
  2. stevec22206

    House Bank and engine start?

    Thanks for the help. Heading to the boat tomorrow and will dig into it. Will keep you posted as to what I find.
  3. stevec22206

    House Bank and engine start?

    We have a, new to us, 92' Hunter 33.5 with the 3gm30. The current battery set up is a single group 27 cranking battery and two parallel group 27 deep cycle batteries as the house bank. As recommended I want to use the house bank (#2) as the primary and the cranking battery (#1) as the backup...
  4. stevec22206

    Transport recommendation

    I have no affiliation with this company but wanted to share this with anyone considering a boat relocation. We purchased a boat out of state and just had it transported this week to it's new home in Illinois. We used Sailors Moving Sailors to complete the move. A fellow club member recommended...
  5. stevec22206

    85 Cat 27 - aft keel leak

    Inboard or outboard? I have the inboard and recently discovered the bronze intake thru hull seal had started to fail. What had always been a small leak in the past began to seep larger amounts of water after I reoriented the thru hull valve. Coincidently, the travel lift strap seemed to lay...
  6. stevec22206

    Honeymoon Murder at Sea?

    Life insurance, boat insurance, $100,000 in coins. Where's Columbo when you need him.
  7. stevec22206

    Universal diesel multiple sudden symptoms

    We have an M18 and I would like to install a K&N filter. Can you provide the particular part number for either of the filters that have been mention in this discussion.
  8. stevec22206

    Facet Fuel Pump

    I would certainly check and or replace the internal facet filter. Mine became choked with crud from a water and fuel issue I experienced this season. Upon turning the key and energizing the glow plug I made a comment about how fast the pump was clicking and pretty much knew something was amiss...
  9. stevec22206

    Catalina 27 keel/bilge

    Andrew, I believe manufacturers generally use an adhesive like 5200 when they bond the keel to the stub. Don't think it would come off without a great deal of effort. I think I corrected the issue with the keel smile by finally being able to torque the bolts properly. It wasn't a difficult job...
  10. stevec22206

    Catalina 27 keel/bilge

    Andrew I should have mentioned I performed the work while on the hard. All the weight of the boat was on the keel with the hull stabilized in its cradle. Don't think I would attempt this in the water. With all the keel weight hanging below the boat I'd be concerned you wouldn't be able to torque...
  11. stevec22206

    Catalina 27 keel/bilge

    1987 C27, I did ours 5 yrs. ago. Used a multi tool with a diamond blade to remove the fiberglass from the bilge pan. The filler material under the glass is a solid piece of wood in ours unlike others that have plywood. It was slightly wet but no rot. I drilled (3/8") holes about an inch deep...
  12. stevec22206

    Garhauer Rigid Vang Install

    Wanting to install a Garhauer rigid vang on our 87' C27. Test fitting the vang places the vang boom bracket midway between the first forward most bale and the middle bale of the mainsheet system. What have others done with the routing of the mainsheet. I would have to eliminate the block/bale on...
  13. stevec22206

    Difficult pulling in furling foresail.

    A friend has a 33.5 with the same issue. He has found that if the halyard is heavily tensioned it is extremely difficult to furl the headsail. Releasing that tension a bit has helped when he furls it in. He suspects the foil may be bowing and binding under the halyard tension. Steve
  14. stevec22206

    Ready for Adventure ... Questions

    Specifically, yes check the chain plates and the bulkheads, both sides. Also, check the bilge for cracks in the glass work and keel bolt compression. Catalina used wood as a filler in the keel stub and it deteriorates badly with exposure to water. If its a diesel check the engine wiring harness...
  15. stevec22206

    M-18 alt bracket vs M-25 alt bracket

    Upgrade I did mine at the beginning of the season. Really straight forward and took about 2 hours. The bolt issue has not been resolved. CD sent my kit with the undersize bolt. I purchased the larger bolt but haven't put it on. I'll need to run a drill bit through the alternator hole to...
  16. stevec22206

    1977 Oday 23-2 shrouds & stays

    From the owners manual. After the stays are securely attached take the slack out of the rigging and tighten. With the mast plumb in a vertical position the head stay, back stay, and the two upper side stays should be tightened no more than hand tight. The two lower side stays should just be taut...
  17. stevec22206

    Uniden Atlantis 200 VHF handheld radio

    I just replaced the rechargeable battery for my old uniden 250. Mine exhibited the same symptoms this past season, showed a full charge but as soon as I keyed the mike it would show little or no charge and wouldn't transmit. New battery works great. Steve
  18. stevec22206

    Boom Kicker

    We used one on our O'Day 23. Did not have a topping lift. I would highly recommend one.
  19. stevec22206

    Just curious about the decompression lever

    Solo sailing has it's issues and a dead battery doesn't care. Probably why a lot of people will add a bump switch near the motor. I've considered it but just one of those things that is on that list. You all know that one, The 2 do list. I will have to try starting the motor that way this season...
  20. stevec22206

    Just curious about the decompression lever

    Great info. I hope I never have to use it but it is good to know it can be used just like that to start the engine on weak batteries. Had heard it could be done to start the motor but I never asked anyone who's done it. I have only used it one time to bleed the fuel system at the injectors...